Tropic Thunder

Tropic Thunder

Vietnam veteran 'Four Leaf' Tayback's memoir, Tropic Thunder, is being made into a film, but Director Damien Cockburn can’t control the cast of prima donnas. Behind schedule and over budget, Cockburn is ordered by a studio executive to get filming back on track, or risk its cancellation. On Tayback's advice, Cockburn drops the actors into the middle of the jungle to film the remaining scenes but, unbeknownst to the actors and production, the group have been dropped in the middle of the Golden Triangle, the home of heroin-producing gangs.

The movie follows a group of prima donna actors who are making a fictional Vietnam War film. When their frustrated director decides to drop them in the middle of a jungle, they are forced to become the soldiers they are portraying. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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John H (ca) wrote: I must be the target market. My first programming job was at a newspaper although they no longer used hot type. This film brings back good memories

Geena S (br) wrote: I thought that Stark Raving Black was Lewis Black being his classic angry self. He never fails to make things such as Twitter and other frivolous technology seem downright stupid and hilarious. I really hope he continues to be funny and angry for a long time so I can continue to enjoy his stand-up.

Steve G (it) wrote: Brilliantly quirky, felt like a mix between old school 1940s film noir, Rodriguez style living comic book (e.g. "Sin City"), and dark communism-laced humor in the vein of the Czech film "Closely Watched Trains." Great fun and a favorite from FilmFest DC 2009.

Michael W (fr) wrote: Surprisingly entertaining! It clearly cuts a weird vampire-induced Robocop ripoff into an existing crime thriller (for money reasons, clearly), but there's a fair amount of wonderful silliness and actual intentional entertainment to combat the fact that this really isn't a good movie at all.

Pavan R (it) wrote: A sweet romance....very understated and classy..great actors on show together.. Hope all married people don't keep getting ideas watching this one !

Jeffrey K (us) wrote: Soap-operaish, but totally enjoyable.

Lee P (br) wrote: At least an hour too long.

Cody L (gb) wrote: Great movie with some great twists. I actually enjoy this one more than Kiss the Girls.

Kai R (ag) wrote: Just short of a masterpiece, 'Buried' is a must-watch.

Charles M (ru) wrote: Boring, boring, slow moving artsy film. Did not finish watching it.

Rodney E (jp) wrote: Quigley Down Under is a solid western from the early 90's. Tom Selleck holds this movie together as the talented sharpshooter fighting for Aborigines in the Australian Outback. Alan Rickman is decent as the villain. Laura San Giacomo, who I think is incredibly beautiful, gives a so-so performance.

Janelle E (it) wrote: Hilarious! Very enjoyable to watch!