Tropical Inferno

Tropical Inferno

Somewhere in the jungles of South America mercenaries stop a truck which has allegedly loaded fruit. The cargo turns out to be six young women. Apprehended and handed over to the custody of the local women's prison.

Another Jess Franco outing in the "Women in Prision" genre. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ian T (ag) wrote: Basically just a long interview with him. He seems to think he's a genius that nobody gets yet. I'm not sure I get it either.

Biju B (nl) wrote: The movie is a strong case against blind faith at the same time not endorsing agnostic views. Today religion has become a huge business run by godmen. Be god loving not god fearing. That's the message.It starts off well but it gets very preachy and boring. Paresh Rawal is good but supporting artists are very mediocre.

Emily T (us) wrote: Good movie! Great acting and good plot!

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Chrys B (ca) wrote: Fantastic murder/mystery/suspense. What makes this movie stand out is the very chilling performance from the lead, Eddie Redmayne and Tom Sturridge.

Brandon S (ag) wrote: Simple, elegant, bizarre, and incredibly intelligent. A true micro-budget master class thriller.

Iain S (es) wrote: Not a very engaging story

Ashley H (ag) wrote: Breezy is a decent film. It is about Breezy who is a teen-aged hippy with a big heart that falls in love with an older divorced man. William Holden and Kay Lenz give good performances. The script is enjoyable but a little slow in places. Clint Eastwood did an alright job directing this movie. I liked this motion picture because of the drama and romance.

Filiberto G (us) wrote: More noteworthy historically than for the actual movie