Set against the turbulent atmosphere of the 1960s, Tropicália is a feature length documentary exploring the Brazilian artistic movement known as tropicália, and the struggle its artists ...

Set against the turbulent atmosphere of the 1960s, Tropicália is a feature length documentary exploring the Brazilian artistic movement known as tropicália, and the struggle its artists ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Zoe S (jp) wrote: Ridiculously clever and eternally pertinent.

Eldin B (it) wrote: "We're takers, gents. That's what we do for a living. We take."Takers is a fitting name for this film. Seeing how it took from every heist film known to man. It felt like the cast was doing it for the paycheck. And someone tell T.I. and Chris Brown to stop acting.

Derek R (br) wrote: As a guy, I have to admit that I like the first and second films of the Legally Blonde series. The plot of the two films may not sound serious but it comes across great through cutesy girl stuff and has a "funny" to it. The question is: What the heck is this? Well this is one of those direct-to-dvd films that could make or break a great series, Dr. Dolittle 5 for example. The story is about two British cousins of Elle (who`s not in the movie) get partial scholarships into this school, they meet the typical "enemy girl #1" who ruins their lives. One of these twins are accused of cheating on a test and the Authority decide wheter she`ll get the boot. They are basically sent to the "school court" where her twin sister who is good at law stuff is her lawyer and she`s proven innocent. THE END. This film comes across as a genric Disney-esque film, which is actually who it`s made by. The first of this films problems is: THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH LEGAL STUFF, the movie should`nt even be called Legally Blondes, more like The British Disney Blondes (the main characters are those British girls from Zack & Cody). Second, Reese decided to PRODUCE this crap, bad decision. The films actors are not all that great to waste like 2 hours on this "movie", the villains are crappy schoolgirl that has it all or principal who treats the twins like Elle is a bad person .OK, bottom line, only 5-10 year olds will like this. Goodbye Legally Blonde. Goodbye. 1/5 - Generic Garbage

Pat M (fr) wrote: not a classic,but not a snoozer either-easily watchable cause you truly care if those hi-jackers get theirs.seen lot worse.

Harrison Y (nl) wrote: One of the worst plotlines invented, with plenty of mushy romantic stuff that even the mushy romantic people cant stand. Acting wasnt that great either. Not recommended =(

Barry T (de) wrote: slow and creepy but Walters just plays Mrs Overall

Anand R (it) wrote: Rajni's movies are always pregnant with human values!! :)

Tea R (jp) wrote: freaky friday is much better ;)

Yogesh R (ag) wrote: James Mason is THE MAN.

Alex W (mx) wrote: A good thriller, worth seeing, but not a must see in the history of film. Its fun to see Olivier do a more mainstream film in a still dignified role. Hoffman is also good as the average man in an extraordinary situation. I do like the red herring title is also a very clever idea.

Keith T (us) wrote: Lady Caroline Lamb, the politician's wife who made Sally Bercow appear shy and retiring. It was Lady Caroline who during their notorious affair first described Lord Byron as "mad, bad, and dangerous to know", but the phrase might just as well have been applied to her. Eventually her long suffering husband is advised to set her aside for the sake of his career and goes on to become first Chief Secretary for Ireland, then Home Secretary and eventually Prime Minister, topped off by having an entire antipodean city (Melbourne) named after him. Rejected by everyone, Lady Caroline dies brokenhearted. A film that now looks quite dated, even for a period drama, but which is worth seeing just for its superb cast.

BRIAN TheAgelMan M (de) wrote: Passible!..Not a patch on Blue Hawaii.

Laura L (ru) wrote: I don't know why people are putting this down. Emmy Rossum (16 years old) has an incredible voice, and I'm sorry, to all the haters, that Gerard isn't in a freaign' roman soldier costume, but that man's voice is beautiful and his acting is superb!! This movie is awesome!!

Marta R (kr) wrote: Teacher in charge of diving team is a manipulative b----! Film not so mesmerizing, but still a good film to watch.