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Trouble torrent reviews

Rendan L (kr) wrote: A stereotypical coming of age story that isn't much more than generic. Grade: C+

Maksim B (br) wrote: A disturbingly provocative psychological thriller, which slowly delves deeper into the human evil, moral and ethics in the world of business and corporations.This movie could be quite frustasting not only because of the story, nicely described by the director Nicolas Klotz, but also because of the absolutely stunning performance of Mathieu Amalric. That's a movie which will settle in your mind for a long time with its discomfiting story....

Eylem E (br) wrote: "Cargo" is a brooding, Conradian yarn of moral malaise aboard a decrepit transport ship carrying an unholy assortment of contraband, human and otherwise. Focused upon a young stowaway whose presence forces the crew's horrible secrets to the surface, lean script by frequent Ken Loach scenarist Paul Laverty submerges scarcely below the water line a familiar European self-loathing for continuing colonial attitudes and misdeeds that's getting awfully shopworn. First feature by vet narrative documentary filmmaker Clive Gordon possesses a sober dramatic force but is so soaked in the unsavory doings of the rancid crew members as to waterlog the venture commercially.

Martin S (fr) wrote: A copy of the previous films, can be it better?

Calum R (kr) wrote: Upon my first viewing of this film, I initially saw it as an absurdly incomprehensible and arty picture, but that may have been due to me being a naive student at the time. Now, upon my second viewing many years later, I can honestly say that I now appreciate this film for the gloriously weird marvel that it is.The directorial debut from indie auteur Spike Jonze, written by the fantastic Charlie Kaufman, 'Being John Malkovich' is a brilliant fantasy black comedy that delves into an area of originality that no other movie has ever approached. With a premise that reeks of confidence and a plot that has its audience questioning the very nature of it, this film takes its viewers on a ride through a confusing yet rewarding adventure full of twists, turns and outright hilarious scenes.The acting is superb from all throughout, and the humour, whilst mostly quite subtle, has a dark overtone that acts as more of a satire - my favourite scene being when (spoiler alert) Malkovich enters his own portal and is thrust into a world where everyone is John Malkovich, with their vocabulary being limited to a single word: "Malkovich", a scene that I appreciated as both original and pure comedy gold. Both Jonze and Kaufman should be proud of this monumental feat of moviemaking.

Paul C (us) wrote: Ok this better be the last one. I have been a great fan of these puppets and luckily they keep their personalities in all the films. The story of this was stupid. The puppets are good and bad in this film and they are not animated at all which is horrible. The movie was short also. Plus some of the puppets were missing.

Guilherme N (us) wrote: An accomplished simple little tale

Ryan S (kr) wrote: 4.5/5. An insane balls-to-the-walls film that everyone should watch multiple times.

Bruno V (ag) wrote: One of the maybe 5 food-movies i'd ever seen....this will be on 3th place ...enjoyed watching this allthough i don't care what happens in a kitchen ...Good Character-Movie ! SOMDVD

Roman A (br) wrote: Flawless acting, pitch perfect writing, a chilling score, visceral action, silly humor, and the signature Quentin Tarantino stamp that we all know and love inhabits, 'The Hateful Eight'. 'The Hateful Eight' has a three hour run-time including an overture and an intermission that has us locked in from the opening shot. The snowy blizzard that takes over the mountain landscape of Wyoming is where we begin this story, a story of betrayal and deception. This story, may just be Quentin's best work yet. The anger and ferocity in his writing is felt, it's a visceral mind game that comes across as subtle but takes some blows each line after the next. Tarantino's arrogance in his writing and directing is an important aspect of the film, because it simply wouldn't be as good without the arrogance of QT. It's hard to explain but QT comes out in full force with no holds barred, you can just feel the fury behind this work. It's actually quite beautiful when you witness it.The acting from this cast elevates Quentin's work to a top tier Tarantino film. The actors dive deep into their roles and Walter Goggins (Sons of Anarchy) nearly steals the show if it weren't for Sam Jackson. We all know Sam Jackson is great in just about anything, but there's something about him that allows him to be his best when he works with QT. This probably is a call-back to the writing but that's the beauty of QT's arrogance. No matter how brutal the film is, no matter how great the acting is, no matter how flawless the score and cinematography are, we always find a way to make Quentin the only star of his film. But can you blame him?'The Hateful Eight' is a theater going experience and there's no way you'll be able to feel the same way at home as you would in a theater. The blizzard chills us to the bone and has us trying to keep ourselves warm when we're outside the cabin. When we enter the cabin and are set next to a candle, a fire, or a warm bowl of stew we immediately warm up and begin to get cozy. The setting becomes a character and it's an important aspect of the film.'The Hateful Eight' simply put is one of the best films of 2015. It's a long film but it flies by due to engaging dialogue and flawless acting and directing. The score is haunting, chilling and beautiful and it blends well with the film's setting. When the film gets violent it's gory, visceral, and sometimes leaves you feeling disgusted. 'The Hateful Eight' is a beautifully crafted and intricate condensed mystery drama thriller that leaves you satisfied with Quentin Tarantino's eight feature film.'The Hateful Eight' gets a 9/10