Trouble in the Sky

Trouble in the Sky

In Britain, at the dawn of jet-powered commercial aviation, an aircraft manufacturer tries to shift the blame from mechanical failure to pilot error when its newest jet airliner has a series of accidents.

A seasoned pilot is condemned for an error which causes a crash. The pilot later dies in a crash with similar circumstances and an examiner looks for scientific reasons for the crashes. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Matty S (br) wrote: Huppert in a film by her long-time friend, Catherine Breillat based upon Breillat's own experience. How can you go wrong? See it. Huppert remains the most fearless actor working.

Gavin M (fr) wrote: Good Mel Gibson flick. It's right up there with "Payback."

Jeff J (jp) wrote: Complete premise is wrong, making this more of a yet another left leaning political film. Christian Arabs do not commit honor killings, that is the whole point of becoming a Christian Arab.I'm not a Christian and I know this.

Matt B (fr) wrote: Away We Go has some funny moments (namely from Allison Janney and Maggie Gyllenhaal) and John Krasinski and Maya Rudolph's chemistry is sublime. It's pleasant overall, but it just feels like it's trying so hard to be one of those quirky little indies. The score, the Alexi Murdoch soundtrack, and some of the editing show that. I just wished Sam Mendes tried less hard on trying to make it such an indie and more on the story itself.

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Josh F (ca) wrote: Utter bollocks.. Says in the cover 'funniest film of the year..' I never laughed...

Sgt C (br) wrote: (53%) A very goofy at times, lowbrow action adventure that gets by thanks to the charm of Johnson, and some good honest B-movie style fun. Between the action there's really nothing much to see here besides a borderline extended cameo from Christopher Walken (plus a blink and you'll miss it Arnold Schwarzenegger cameo), and some mild amusements involving baboons. But the action itself is break-neck, varied and plentiful, and some of the stunts do look painfully real despite the fact that they appear to hardly even slow the characters down. Any fan of Mr Rock should tray and give this a watch, or those with affection to B- movie adventure flicks.

Nanette S (mx) wrote: Not bad coming out of JA. Its better than I expected.

Miranda B (ca) wrote: This was a very underrated film. It had a unique storyline, great casting and was very entertaining. Al Pacino is a great actor and hit the mark in this film as a playwright, husband, and father struggling to keep it together when his wife, who has severe commitment issues, decides that she is ready to move on and leaves him as well her 4 children from previous marriages behind to start anew. Many criticized it's release in '82 for it's use of overacting kids and cheeky dialogue akin to Eight is Enough, but I think the kids were spot on. These aren't normal children who grew up in a stable environment. They had to grow up quickly, adjust, and adapt because of their mothers wacked out issues w/ being a wife or a parent. Throughout the movie the children try to warn Ivan over and over again that he is setting himself up for heart break and failure when trying to win back their mother. One of the kids said it best, "When she goes...she goes."The young actors portrayed these damaged and complicated characters very well. Ivan (Pacino), being orphaned as a child, knew what it was like to be abandoned and was the only one who could truly understand where these kids were coming from. He wasn't perfect (but who is) and had a lot of his own person demons he was dealing with, but no matter what was going on, his love for those kids(who weren't even his), and their love for him was unstaggering and unconditional. It was exactly what they all needed. And in the end all they really needed was each other."As long as I got a house, you guys got a house..." ~Ivan

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Eric M (ag) wrote: The setting/premise is better than the movie, but while "Gattaca" might be too on the nose and tie things up artificially neatly, it tosses around enough interesting ideas while offering up ambitious visuals to make up for it. No classic, and rather stilted acting throughout, but still entertaining and just engaging enough to be worth a watch. The score is a bit overbearing in film, but undeniably beautiful.

Jamie C (au) wrote: Loved it, I think everyone wanted to try it after watching this film, Jim plays his part really well, He's back to his best.