Trouble Makers

Trouble Makers

Slip and Sach are in the sidewalk star-gazing business when they see a murder committed in a room at the El Royale Hotel, blocks away. In spite of the fussy-and-fidget objections of the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jay D (mx) wrote: Gippi's story has many flaws & certain cliches but if you ignore that than it is a wonderful story of a 14-year old girl undergoing hormonal changes.Decent performances by Divya Dutta, Riya Vij & other kids.Also one of it's kind tribute to classic old Shammi Kapoor songs.Overall, Gippi = Student Of The Year - all bullshit.

Christian C (fr) wrote: "Space Station 76" has one of the most creative, cohesive and brilliant set designs I have seen in a movie of such limited budget. Every exterior shot appears to reveal a new retro-tacky wallpaper or mural, to marvelous effect. The retro-hi-tech fixtures and fittings of the space station are brilliant and amusing. The costume wardrobe is no less inspired or impressive.The humor in this film gravitates toward the visual -- the script is a black hole from which no laughs seem able to escape. Despite the bland dialogue, there is a galaxy of screen moments (including many subtle ones) that can launch a burst of laughter. There are nevertheless elements of brilliance in the script, such as universal, pervasive and understated 1970's sexism. It's really a hoot when you notice all the details and thoughtful touches that abound in the film.The minor constellation of stars orbiting the project brings equal numbers of super novas and dwarf stars. In particular, Patrick Wilson and Marisa Coughlan ignite their comedy brilliantly. (If you ask me, Wilson's groovy retro mustache outshines them all!) Others seem to lack chemistry. In the inevitable moments when you start feeling the story is getting dull, just look around at the sets or costumes, and you'll likely spy something clever or humorous shining through.

Cattera Y (fr) wrote: Horrible BossesGreat mixture of nasty comedy, grand cast, and clever twist

William M (mx) wrote: Interesting Irish/English Film loosley adapted from true life where a English comedian follows through on a bet and hitchhikes with a small refrigerator around Ireland. Being unfamiliar with the storyu It was funny and interesting in a romantc comedey feel to it. If you are bored good film to half watch. I enjoyed it but I know most won't.

Corey C (it) wrote: Entertaining mumblecore-type picture about masculinity and friendships that makes the most of its silly premise and keeps it consistently grounded in reality.

Jeremy H (fr) wrote: A beautifully underplayed take on the classic vampire mythology. An arresting visual style replete with claustrophobically tight shots of the central characters both exposes them utterly and hides most of them from the audience - not unlike the film's somewhat defiant attitude in expressing clearly Oskar and Eli's feelings while also refusing to divulge much of the story behind the appearance and motives of the girl with a taste for blood. Recommended.

Perrine B (br) wrote: The impossible true story.Penny Chenery (Diane Lane) est une femme au foyer qui dcide de reprendre le haras de ses parents au dcs de sa mre, et de miser sur un grand cheval alezan pour en faire un champion de courses contre l'avis de son frre et de son mari.Le scnario est donc trs simple et bas sur une histoire vraie. Le cheval alezan surnomm Big Red devient Secretariat aux yeux du public. Cet outsider se met gagner de plus en plus de courses et sa propritaire finira par l'inscrire au Triple Crown de 1973, dans l'espoir qu'il soit le premier dans l'histoire inscrire les 3 victoires. Secretariat n'est pas connu hors USA, mais Disney a su en faire une belle histoire pour toute la famille. Sans tomber dans la niaiserie qui occupe souvent les films avec des animaux, on se prend soutenir ce cheval exceptionnel, et on retient notre souffle pendant les courses, surtout la dernire ! Par contre, mettre comme titre le nom du cheval n'est pas justifi, car il s'agit plus d'une priode de la vie de Penny Chenery et comment cette femme a dcid de s'imposer dans le monde masculin des courses hippiques. Ce qui n'est pas inintressant pour autant !

Derek A (kr) wrote: No Good Deed is very reminiscent of your stereotypical 90's cops and robbers drama. It's fun, but there's' not much more you can say about it. The film unfolded in a very linear pattern and each character was stereotypical... nothing surprising. I found my man Samuel L Jackson to be a little flat, as well as Jovovich. They seemed bored... but she still some how managed to find her way topless in front of the camera. Stellan Skarsgard however was exceptional.... If you're a fan of either of those 3, definitely give this film a shot. Or if you're interested in a typical cops and robbers movie, check it out.

Steve S (ca) wrote: ***Due to the recent RT changes that have basically ruined my past reviews, I am mostly only giving a rating rather than a full review.***

Oscar N (ca) wrote: Excellent movie that almost nobody has ever heard of. A fantastic find. Put some Italian food on the table and enjoy!

Luana S (mx) wrote: this is one of our favorite movies, SO MANY great lines in it!! Sleeper to some, but we love it!

Amara R (au) wrote: sounds crazy and bad ass!

Movie K (fr) wrote: Movie takes place in Thailand. The fight scenes not exactly good by today standard. Story is average. Leung Ka-Yan meet up with a gang boss to buy drugs. Henchman Michael Woods saw his listening device and shoot out. The trio cops are killed. Carrie Ng father is sick and need a rare crystal to dispel the toxin inside. She insist to go on the hunt with the professor. Ken Lo is her boyfriend. Donnie Yen is an ex-cop now tour guide. Sibelle Hu is cop, good friend of Donnie. The professor assistant do business with gangster, selling artifacts. John Salvitti is the boss and he kill the guy because of money issue. John find the professor himself for the rare crystal and kidnap him. Sibelle is on the case now. Donnie ask the professor daughter Fujimi Nadeki where did he go but she has no idea. Carrie capture her back and ask the professor whereabouts. She find Donnie for help. Along with Sibelle, they do their investigation. Fujimi found a map in his father's room. Carrie ask them back for questioning and Sibelle warn them to stay away. The black henchman want to kill Sibelle. He got the chance when Donnie and Fujimi left the house but Sibelle manage to grab the gun and he escape. They go to find John in the warehouse. Donnie is fighting John. Carrie and Ken watch silently. Michael saw them watching and Ken fires at him. They escape and Sibelle save Donnie & Fujimi. Donnie and gang decided to follow the map journey and Carrie gang also follow. John gang attack the group at the trail. They separated and Donnie side continue the trail. Fujimi saw her dad corpse in the cave. Carrie take the crystal and activate the trap but Ken block for her. The baddies resurface and kill Ken. They manage to run out but eventually still have to fist fight the baddies. John kill Carrie down the cliff. Donnie and Fujimi kill Michael. Donnie join Sibelle to fight John but he is too tough. Donnie use a thick branch and smash his head to death.

Alfredo P (au) wrote: Mucho mas que caricaturarizar!

Benedict B (it) wrote: A flawless retelling of Shakespeare King Lear

Michael W (nl) wrote: Group of underground parking attendants at a nice hotel mix business with pleasure. Appears to be more pleasure than business, this one doesn't quite turn up aces.

Cline H (gb) wrote: How I loved this film when I was young. Over the top brilliance, great songs "Je ne savais pas que tu m'aimais, en etes vous certain desormais, etc", Catherine Deneuve more beautiful than ever.

Steve G (ag) wrote: Two hours of pansies pleading with a putrid hussy to stay with them. This slut gets around. Listen up, everyone. She knows everything about love, despite being the biggest failure at it. Does no one ever make eye contact? Soapy melodrama. Why is everyone making a big deal about this bore? I've never rolled my eyes more. It was almost continuous. What a terrible witch. The most awful kind of pseudo-feminism, that justifies horrific behavior, & emo-ridden, attention-seeking neediness -- wanting a real man, and getting upset that he won't act like an emotional woman, with phony imaginings of perfect love. And so, shall you end up lonely. Good. Stupid confusing of love and emotion. She may be my least favorite character in movie history. Every time something bad happened to her, I cheered. I don't know who was worse -- her, or the simpering wimps bleating for her.No one's good enough for this whore. When in reality, she's not good enough for anyone. Her fate proves this out. There's a celestial look to all Dreyer films. This is the only plus. The cinematography is lovely and there are a handful of nice visuals, but overall these characters needed a good slap.There are flashes of brilliant shots, but nothing more.

Matt M (ag) wrote: A stand out screwball comedy which, like other ones of its time, satirises on the world of newspaper and the cunning nature of journalists who go through any length to get their story. However, apart from the subject which is still very inherent to this day being dealt in a witty way, it is the cheeky and racy nature of the individual sequences which really make it stand out, along fun performances by March and Lombard.

Tommy D (jp) wrote: While having some credibility issues and some ostentatious aspects, this movie takes the best from an incredible Viggo Mortensen and surprises with its depth.