Trouble with Sex

Trouble with Sex

A sexy romantic drama in which, at the outset, the characters are leading their own lives in very different worlds, though each is beset by niggling discontentment. Michelle (Renée Weldon -...

A sexy romantic drama in which, at the outset, the characters are leading their own lives in very different worlds, though each is beset by niggling discontentment. Michelle (Renée Weldon -... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Phil H (kr) wrote: A curious blend of a few ideas and genres here, foremostly a clear cut grindhouse approach which appears to be all the rage these days. The film stars Danny Trejo which should give the game away as to what grindhouse type flicks this capitalises on. You only have to look on his filmography (and co stars) to see how many of these flicks are getting churned out!.The plot is simple and highly unoriginal. An addictive drug has turned some people into flesh eating zombies which has in turn spread. America appears to be an apocalyptic wasteland where 'The Hunter' roams, he kills zombies. He comes across a small settlement with other survivors and together they plan an escape by air to islands in the Pacific. Its your basic flee the zombie plague fare.What is interesting about this film is the combination of ideas. The main character of The Hunter is basically 'Max Rockatansky' with a classic Clint Eastwood 'man with no name' vibe just for good measure. I mean look at his name for a start...The Hunter/The Road Warrior, close huh. But mainly he drives an all black dirty modified Pontiac Trans Am (I think) which looks identical to the Interceptor in 'Mad Max'. But wait there's more, he even dresses like Max in all black with shades and handles a similar shotgun too, only thing missing is a pet dog. I might also mention the guy in the role (Martin Copping) is Australian too haha what are the odds?!.So yes the main heroes look is a bit of a rip off but it works, he's cool, grizzled and dispatches zombies with aplomb. You have the main theme of a 70's/80's Mexican grindhouse approach with a Mad Max main lead fighting zombies in a Resident Evil setting with an actual Resident Evil monster too (not sure where they came from though). Trejo is playing 'Machete' again but with an axe, oh and there's a clear cut 'Texas Chainsaw Massacre' homage/rip off all that?.Being a low budget affair the effects are average, the blood n guts look fine but the CGI monster things aren't. That said the low budget does work for the film giving it that gritty-ish look, as what tends to happen with limited resources. The cast are a mixed bag with Copping coming across pretty hokey with his over macho posturing but he's a fun character. Of course there are a couple hot chicks in the survivor band too, one clearly being some ex-stripper/model/porn star type who is bad at acting but good at being slutty (I liked that). Hated the fact that our hero doesn't take her up on her offer of guilt free sex, dude are you mad?!.The film is also amusing in places too, intentionally? I don't know, doubt it, but it is. The last three left alive find a locker chock full of machine guns/sub machine guns etc...the zombies are beating the door down, the last sexy chick remaining declares 'there's too many, they're too strong!'. You have just found Rambo's toy chest, are you serious right now? zombies aren't bullet proof.I actually found myself liking this film mainly because of Copping's hero character, I'm not really a fan of the grindhouse genre/approach but the use of other styles and ideas worked well. Its not fresh and new, we've seen this type of thing a billion times before but I personally liked this films style, the cut of its jib. Gotta love that dialog and the end credits soundtrack has a pretty sweet electronic 80's style rhythm.'Don't worry about me babe'

Hunter R (ag) wrote: One of the best, most exciting movies I've seen in a long time. I didn't know what to expect when I rented it, but I was wowed.

Andrew K (jp) wrote: I loved the novel and the movie was almost as good.

CJ (nl) wrote: starts out like any other western but quickly changes mixes some comedy and action into plot good story not all action. not bad for straight to video

Cellardoor E (ru) wrote: I fell in love with this movie! I love the story line...hahaha! Love it!

Jonathan C (mx) wrote: Something about Danny Dyer that makes me wnat to kill!!!

Sunil J (br) wrote: Wonderfully bizarre.

Tony L (ca) wrote: Really stylish telling of a fascinating story of love and loss.....

Bill N (it) wrote: good!does anyone remember miriam makeba?

Alex N (ru) wrote: This movie is for pure plearure seekers... Lovely )

Frank M (au) wrote: There is a reason why everyone thought Bogart could only play gangster roles before Casablanca; because he was damn good at it. Bogart portrays this gangster as a tough and menacing guy who also cares about things other than himself and money. The build up to the climatic ending was excellent, especially for 1941.

Sherman M (ag) wrote: Bad film worth 2 stars only.

Isaac C (ru) wrote: After the absolute tragedy that was Hellraiser IV: Bloodline, I'm glad to see they recovered with Hellraiser V: Inferno

Facebook U (es) wrote: Nice story that familiarise Japan. Enough adventure related to the growing child to keep the interest. The hero girl is the cutest! The women are not too bad either. Likable.

Daniel M (es) wrote: It wasn't even close to the first film and it had some very slow parts, but it's a crucial installment to the series. It did have several amazing goosebump scenes though. 3.5/5