Kang Tae-sik is a private detective who would do anything for money. One day, he gets framed for a murder by a ruthless boss of the criminal underworld and a mysterious caller watches and controls his every move. He must use a wide array of techno-gadgetry at his disposal to clear himself and exact revenge within 24 hours given to him.

KANG Tae-sik, a former cop who was once the best man on the force, is now an infamous private detective who handles all kinds of dirty work from catching philanderers to collecting people's debts. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Troubleshooter torrent reviews

Imlqh L (nl) wrote: reflects truth about social conflict in China. But slow pace and too many metaphors made me uncomfortable.

Phantasm G (au) wrote: This is the best skateboarding documentary I have ever seen and not only because it was a sentimental joyfest for me, it is one of the best docs I have watched EVER! The old footage, the story of the greatest skaters and team of all-time, and a history of 30+ years of skating. Anyone in their late 20s or 30s will love the look back at a sport rising up and pop culture phenomenon.

Betsy F (nl) wrote: loved Phantom on bwdy

Carole T (au) wrote: Kept me gripped and to be honest, I didn't see that ending coming at all!

Christopher M (ag) wrote: not bad, I actually enjoyed it

Adrian S (kr) wrote: I did't like it much in the beginning but I did start liking it a lot once I understood what was going on and that all the zombie-thing it is just an excuse to tell something else.

Trent W (au) wrote: Sets out to be this generation's Dazed and Confused but it lacks the magic and the characters to make it shine.

Marisa D (de) wrote: Nice movie that represents the fear of people to be alone and that in many times a person misunderstood his/her feelings. The best reward is then realize what we really feel. I liked the movie anyway as it shows how totally different persons/species can be in love. Love is more than anything else that exists in our World.

Florence (gb) wrote: No caminho do casamento de sua irm, Young Ju (Kim Ha Neul) se bate com Hee Chul (Kang Dong Ganho), que est planejando propor sua namorada. O anel de casamento que era para ser de Hee Chul roubado e cai nas mos de Young Ju, que o recuperou do ladro. Para devolver o anel para Hee Chul e recuperar a bagagem que ela deixou no trem, Young Ju vai casa de Hee Chul, onde ela confundida como namorada de Hee Chul por sua famlia.

Juan H (ag) wrote: it's cool it's my favorite movie

Darren D (kr) wrote: Not sure about the hairstyle but some good action sequences in this one.

Cameron L (de) wrote: STOP. Just... please, stop.

Sam W (gb) wrote: Another rockin movie from the 70's. Plenty of good lines, It almost is like a screen test for Burt and Jerry before Smokey and the Bandit. Great score. The trailer is awesome too.

Jason J (it) wrote: They tried their best to do another Carry On Camping with this one but it fell on it's arse. A couple of funny scenes but otherwise forgetful.

Charlie 7 (ru) wrote: One of the funniest Christmas movies I've ever seen. I watch it every year.

Brendan N (de) wrote: the opening credits is appealing and I'll review as I go. I quite like Roths overly weird characterisation as it adds a weird dimension and strength that is missing here.the first film is really odd and strange, I just couldn't get into it. They really needed a cracking start but this gets of with a serious dud. the second film is much better with it's music and story. I liked the story and the camera work, the music and the slapstick momentum.the third film has a lot of energy and delivers the best one so far. The final scene is an absolute corker, a darker twist compared to the others and makes me wonder why they didn't kick off with this one. the last and best is tarantino who acts and delivers a grand story. the camera moves and the story bounces with great dialogue. the man is brilliant and the payoff is great. not the greatest film but not the flop I was told about. Scattered film but it does okay in some aspects.

Gary W (ag) wrote: Tackling a tough subject with grounded sincerety, Jenny Slate delivers an honest performance with help from a witty script.