Tru Confessions

Tru Confessions

Trudy Walker hated her life. She thought it was totally messed up until she found out about a contest that could change everything..

Trudy Walker hated her life. She thought it was totally messed up until she found out about a contest that could change everything.. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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John H (us) wrote: Horrendous directing. Ok story. Clich characters.

Gary M (ag) wrote: The story was stupid, the people that played in the movie were stupid and everything was really fake.

Sayeed A (de) wrote: hahahaa.... what a joke......!!!

Jarrett M (br) wrote: Goemon is a very stylised action film that also comes with much more heart and soul than I was expecting. The action sequences in the film are heavily stylised and over the top, almost to the point of being too much. They are also heavily laden with cgi effects, which are well done and give the film more of a fantasy feel. At times though, the effects are very noticeable and do slightly distract from the movie, as in the case of the animated blood, but this doesn't occur too often to be problematic. What really surprised me was the middle part of the film when the action takes a break to spend time fleshing out the characters and their stories, often through the use of flashblacks. I expected this to be fairly dull, but I found myself drawn in and fascinated by the characters and their motivations. And this really is the strength of the film, more so than the action. Everything means more when you understand and care about the characters. This truly is a character driven piece, at least considerably more than I was expecting. This is at least partially due to the convincing performances from the cast, who do a good job of selling the characters. The story is similar to that of Robin Hood, but with enough differences to keep it fresh. It moves at a comfortable pace, but those expecting a full-on action film will no doubt be bored by the middle of the film. The set design and costuming are very impressive to look at, and most of the fights are shot in a very kinetic and fun to watch style. If nothing else, I recommend seeing the film for the visual experience. This is very much the kind of movie I was hoping for from Sucker Punch. Unfortunately, that one couldn't much beyond impress visually. Goemon gives you much more than just pretty pictures to look at and you may just find yourself drawn into the character's lives and actually caring about what happens to them. Definately worth a look, especially if you like Asian films.

Felipe F (br) wrote: Fine performances from Tommy Lee Jones and Charlize Theron alongside an impactful antiwar conclusion make In the Valley of Elah a slightly above average crime drama.


Mloy X (de) wrote: to a princess at lunch] "You're not eating enough. One must not let vanity overrule appetite." --- Queen Victoria (Judy Dench).This was an interesting story about the relationship between Queen Victoria (Judi Dench) and one Mr. John Brown (Billy Connolly), a friend of the late Queen's husband. It kind of showed the rediculousness of the monarchy, at first being aloof and regal and stiff, then as she warmed up to Brown, the rules became relaxed and then back to following protocol again with same cold, calculating demenor as before. I just find it so weird how the Brits have so many rules about how commoners should behave around their Royals. I mean seriously, when it all comes down to it, we are people: we eat, f***, sh** and die in the same way! Birth and lineage will not change any of that..... oh well, maybe it's just me. Judi Dench may be one of Britain's best actresses but I just don't dig her acting style; she did a marvelous job in this one, as she does in pretty much anything she does, but I'm just not a fan. Billy Connolly was surprisingly awesome for doing such as serious role since I've only known him as a comic and seeing a young Gerard Butler was a hoot! Overall, this film was (as one would expect) pretty awesome, but a little sad and depressing.

Anna C (jp) wrote: This is a classic potato chip movie. Potato chips aren't particularly sophisticated or good for you, but sometimes, you just want some potato chips.

Ken S (ag) wrote: While there are plenty of fun scenes and moments, I have to agree with the general consensus that this film is an unsatisfying continuation of the original. It is a little too long and drag at times. Dan and Herbert have been busy in the eight month since the previous film, and are now working on not just reanimation of dead tissue, but of creating life. It is VERY a good way. But Dr. Hill's head is shoehorned into the plot for little reason, other than he ends up with bat wings coming out of his head and can fly. For the most part he detracts from the good bits, which is a shame because in the first film he WAS one of the good bits. I can't say its too terrible, and it may be enough for the average horror fan, but it just doesn't move as swiftly as the first.

Orlok W (es) wrote: Wonderful Campy Gem--For those who appreciate this type movie, it's a gem!!

Omar A (gb) wrote: Horrible. This is Jennifer Lawrence at her worst.

Joy B (jp) wrote: amazing film definitely recommend it x

Thomas P (br) wrote: Another Ok entry for Dalton's final Bond.The story takes a quick left from traditional Bond territory - here Bond is a Groomsman heading to a hidden oasis with the wedding party when trouble shows up, and the bride is killed and the groom left for dead, so 007 gets angry and takes his license to kill a bit beyond his usual limits.An odd storyline for a Bond flick made worse by a lesser film quality - their oasis appears ratty and sparse instead of the usual lush and exotic Bond settings we've come to expect.That lack of quality seems to pervade the movie. Altho Dalton steps up his Bond to display a more overt anger - which is miles above the almost phoned-in, half-hearted first attempt at Bond in Living Daylights - he really carries this film as well as possible considering the lack of visual pizzazz here.Sadly, I found both of Dalton's Bond stories to be rather routine and somewhat forgettable - save for the exciting Jeep-top opening sequence of Daylights.The overall attempt to make Bond a relatable 80s character thru Dalton backfired for me bc it made him seem more common instead of the fantasy character that Connery, Lazemby and Moore all handled with aplomb. Even Moore's over-the-top plots gave him reason to eyeroll along with us, so we could still relate to him.I felt bored by Dalton's smug, almost Ben Affleck quality.The cheap feel of the movie, and lackluster Bond story almost ruined it for me. This one doesn't hold up well either.2.5 out of 5

Rob L (ca) wrote: Bummer! Metallica has such an interesting story, fantastic music and epic situations. Every time this movie touched on those, it quickly flashed back to a rock band sitting around with a therapist and working on their worst album yet. I want the rise fall of Metallica the fire with James, napster with Lars, car crash with cliff. Instead, this documentary give you 5 seconds of their glorious history mixed into a boring therapy session. Maybe I had the wrong expectations, but the trailers lead me that way and I was greatly let down.

Jay B (jp) wrote: Don't market me a comedy and deliver a drama. False expectations hinder my experience. Slow, kind of pointless and really not that engaging.... well acted though, I'll give 'em that.