In 1995, two young women ventured out onto the open road, across the United States, to document a subculture they knew very little about: the lifestyle of the American truckdriver. Living ...

In 1995, two young women ventured out onto the open road, across the United States, to document a subculture they knew very little about: the lifestyle of the American truckdriver. Living ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Justin S (br) wrote: Sounds kind of interesting, but too vague for me to actually want to see it.

Dave M (gb) wrote: Costuming by your local Dollar Store.

Artie P (mx) wrote: This film tries too hard to be an indie meditation on grief, love and dealing with life. In the end it feels incomplete.And cheers for filming in my old neighborhood :))

Pati E (kr) wrote: oh mexican cinema. although at some points it seemed like a film class project... sultanes del sur has a lot going for it such as 1. kick ass car chases 2. kick ass foot chases 3. a freaking amazing script.

Cor L (mx) wrote: Great insight on the most famous writer in comics, didn't know he was a true shaman, one of those few men with a truly honest look on human society and the world we live in.

Dave J (au) wrote: Wednesday, February 1, 2012 (2004) Suspect Zero THRILLER/ HORROR Unknown occupant gets killed at the beginning and appears to have no motivation, FBI agent Thomas Mackelway(Aaron Eckhart) is assigned to that case along of a string of other killings happening throughout the United States and perhaps Mexico because they all have a link with each other and that is they all have their eyelids cut open and a zero sign with a cross carved across their chests, exactly like the poster. And as the film progressed, and as it turns out, the people who were killed are really serial killers themselves meaning that someone is on an obsessive tirade to rid of all serial killers by finding out who they're before the police or the FBI does. And it's being done by an ex- FBI agent (Ben Kingsly)who discovered a Russian formula that could find anyone without being caught called "Project Icarus" and he uses it in an obsessive manner. This 'pass' is the result of it's 'idea' than for anything since it lacks any kind of suspense and is quite shallow, delving into familiar territory which is one of many films started by a stream of serial killer films from "Se7en" to "Silence Of The Lambs" and it's sequels then "The Cell" etc...It has potential to be better. 2.5 out of 4

Jay B (kr) wrote: Father Hood can be a bit heavy at times... but that doesn't take away from its appeal.

Leonard D (jp) wrote: It was delightful from when I was a kid, but now, it's just, meh.

Philip S (ag) wrote: Chuck at his finest. So bad, it's good.

Paavo I (ca) wrote: The best movie I've seen since Russian Ninja! This was made primarily to do two things: to launch a new toy franchise and to promote reaganism to kids. Hence, the good guys are an elite group of soldiers who go in Communist countries to blow shit up and disappear before the western countries get the blame. Curiously, they never seem to kill anyone. The commies are goofy and incompetent losers, Dixie is one of the countries of the free world, and a running gag is about how an African-American happens to be an intellectual. Not very PC stuff, then. The "romantic" dialogue is like something out of Naked Gun, but played even straighter, and frosted with constant weird 2-second reaction shots. But the biggest points go to Barry Botswick, constantly in skintight costumes giving thumbs up to anyone. The movie's as cheesy and entertaining as it's camp leading beard.

Lee M (kr) wrote: This historically important early gay film is pleasant but nothing too special, although Russell's impersonations--of Mae West, Judy Garland, Peggy Lee, and so on--are downright uncanny.

Marjorie T (us) wrote: One of my favorite movies. Ruth Gordon is hilarious.

Hugo G (br) wrote: It was darker than I thought and showed a very different type of love story, but Annette Bening was great.