True Believer

True Believer

Eddie Dodd is a burnt out former civil rights lawyer who now specializes in defending drug dealers. Roger Baron, newly graduated from law school, has followed Eddie's great cases and now wants to learn at his feet. With Roger's idealistic prodding, Eddie reluctantly takes on a case of a young Korean man who, according to his mom, has been in jail for eight years for a murder he did not commit.

Jaded lawyer Eddie Dodd, a well-regarded activist in the 1960s whose moment has long passed, now smokes marijuana and defends drug dealers who pay in cash. But later he becomes transformed by taking on the case of Shu Kai Kim, a young Korean man who was imprisoned for a gang-related murder. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jessie L (mx) wrote: I just watched it, and it was an ok movie up until the end. Worst ending in the history of endings.

Gillian M (fr) wrote: Very cute film :) I recommend it for all ages. Especially love the extra characters from Mike and Sully's kappa house.

Heidi S (nl) wrote: 18/8/11 - Tore me up in a big way.

Gilles V (mx) wrote: Le film dmontre de manire implacable le parallle existant entre les mthodes fascistes et celles d??un libralisme pouss l??extrme.

Kameron W (ca) wrote: Another well deserved Oscar winning performance from the incompatible Kevin Spacey. This movie is worth watching solely for how great and hilarious the first hour is and how dramatic and tense the second hour is.

Issac L (ru) wrote: An ingenue nymphomaniac(TM)s turbulent life rooted in the 1930s depression period of southern USA, served as a housemaid in a hotel owner's home, our heroine Rose, an uncultured but stalwart gal whose miserable past is the hidden wound cuts her deep and being unaware of her sex-addicted disposition, her path of looking for Mr. Right is rather bumpy and poignant. The film is narrated by Buddy, the eldest son of the hotel owner, Rose is his first love and always occupies a special place in his heart. Although Rose is the potent pillar of the film, female director Martha Coolidge has steadily integrates a handful of equally vivid characters (young Buddy, his Daddy and Mother) into a moderate template of chaneling and rescuing Rose from her self-destructive hazard, despite of wanting any laudable gambits in highlighting the narrative skills and the plot is always stuck into a hoary frivolousness, the complete work is at best satisfactory.The film is noteworthy by setting a record in the history of the academy by virtue of a real mother-daughter pair garners two Oscar nominations in the same film, Dern and Ladd (a second collaboration in a film after Lynch's WILD AT HEART 1990, 7/10) both showcase their stunning acting bent. Dern has nailed a quite innately delicate role since Rose is the damaged goods by nature, but her pure kindness and innocence hasn't been impaired and her female vulnerability is the real gem under the circumstance, even if she would mature gracefully later and give a more challenging and nail-biting performance in Lynch's INLAND EMPIRE (2006, 7/10), this film is among the crests of her filmography nonetheless. Ladd, after the pompous and lavish turn in WILD AT HEART, unexpectedly chooses a more positive and orthodox good-lady embodiment, her award-worthy moment confidently present itself in the latter part of the film, and single-handedly salvaging Rose from the misogyny from seedy male-predominance. But Duvall is also glittering in his category-fraud (I put him in leading) portrait of a man who is much wiser than he initially appears, and a juvenile Lukas Haas, almost being provocative while driven by curious sex impulse to take advantage of Rose, which might be the most contentious segment of the film per se, and at least he acts like a pro. My final conclusion is that regardless of its maternal inclination of female-skewing demography, it is indeed a thespian playing field with decent fodder.

Andrew S (gb) wrote: First out of the Miyazaki films i have seen so far. Have to say i liked it. The post apocalypse of this world was very cool about a toxic forest. Also good message. Worth checking out.

mike h (au) wrote: bbj is kick ass kung fu, its a classic. i love kung fu said the fat animated panda

JuanKa P (fr) wrote: Mary (Sandra Bullock) es una chica muy inteligente pero con problemas para relacionarse y hacer amigos, sale en una cita con Steve (Bradley Cooper), quien intenta rechazarla, sin terminar de hacerlo, confundiendo an ms a Mary. Por ende, empezar a seguir a Steve, un prometedor camargrafo, a lo largo de todas sus peripecias junto al disparatado reportero que tiene como compaero Steve

Eric J (kr) wrote: Enjoyed this film, it was hard to understand sandlers humour as an outsider of his films, but I laughed a lot.

Zoran S (de) wrote: Not the greatest Hawks film because it's somewhat bloated and aimless. Still, it's quite good at expressing the usual Hawks male-bonding issues. Jean Arthur is very charming in it. Also worth noting how it's a bit of a precursor to Hawks's much later Redline 7000

Marc (au) wrote: 90% You're right sir it's very serious I've been here for 5 hours, that line alone warrants this as a near British crime masterpiece.