True Blood

True Blood

Ray Trueblood, member of a street gang, is framed by an enemy of a rival gang, Billy "Spider" Masters. Ray is accused of killing a cop and he has to escape leaving behind his little brother, Donny. Ten years later Ray returns to his neighborhood to take his brother with him, but things are worse than he could expect: his brother, now 18 years old, hates him and is a member of Billy Masters' gang. Furthermore, Billy Masters is looking for revenge and... the police is still after Ray for the murder of the police officer.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:100 minutes
  • Release:1989
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:robbery,   scar,   police,  

Ray Trueblood, member of a street gang, is framed by an enemy of a rival gang, Billy "Spider" Masters. Ray is accused of killing a cop and he has to escape leaving behind his little brother... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Matthew H (fr) wrote: Have to say it was as good as original maybe slightly better

Mahesh P (es) wrote: Movie was awesome...!!! Damn u'll enjoy every scene...

Emmi M (es) wrote: Oih! pitkst aikaa hyv lllykk!

Roswell C (it) wrote: disarming, satirical and discomfortingly authentic. the trailer and first few scenes belies the depth and seriousness of the plot. the film slowly reels audiences in until they realize at the very end (like the main characters) that they participated in something that they initially didn't anticipate.

Steve S (it) wrote: This movie is for kids. It is a let down if you've seen the Gamera Trillogy, but it is ok on it's own.

Shawn P (gb) wrote: This documentary was the perfect mix of a quirky character study and uncomfortable love story mixed up in a blender and dished up with a side of awesome. I thought the way the director filmed the plight of these men looking for thier future wives in Mexico, was funny but very akward and truthful in a good way. I got so uncomfortable so many times in this film that I was squirming in my seat. This often was when one of the main guys takes his new Mexican wife home to meet his parents and show her his mobile home. Wonderful break from the norm... I highly reccomend it.

Mohammed K (au) wrote: Beautiful Punjabi film

Michael K (de) wrote: I've watched this movie so many times. Solid and funny, it's a fun movie to watch. Hoffman is hilarious.

Ty L (ag) wrote: This movie is ok but would only want to each it once. Not very recommended

Erick F (kr) wrote: I really liked this movie. I have rewatched it a few times, and did again today. I don't know why it gets such a bad rap. Fun sci horror concept. One of my favorite horror movies to be honest. Good Concept, decent execution.

Ben R (ru) wrote: Cheesy late 80's action at its finest. You really can't go wrong with this late night classic. We got Carl Weathers kicking ass, Craig T. Nelson and as the scummy bad guy with a pony tail. We got Vanity and Sharon Stone before she exploded in the early 90's (Both Nude). We also get a cast of great 80's and 90's Character actors that you know from everything. If you can get this in a multi pack this will be the highlight of your collection.

Darlene M (ag) wrote: Michael J Fox is adorable, as usual, and that high school party looked fun, but otherwise this movie is DULL. Atrocious sound editing amongst other production errors. I suppose I may have liked it better if I had seen it in the 80's...

Dave A (ag) wrote: Lee Majors' Steve Austin was a real life modern day super-hero. A believable Superman. Kenneth Johnson has two great '70's series: The Six Million Dollar Man is the first.

Matthew C (gb) wrote: A delightful, zany, over the top James Bond spoof, Our Man Flint is a blast for anyone who enjoys either the Bond films or the Austin Powers films. James Coburn, with a wink and a smile, Karate chops his way through villains and thugs while kissing his fair share of beautiful women. Surprisingly good production value and a very clever script put this over most other spy-parodies.

Jared F (us) wrote: worst audio editing of all time.

Jacob W (nl) wrote: A solid comedy led solely by Smith's performance, backed by James' dorkiness, and wrapped up by a story about love. In the end, it's not all that it could've been, but it's a fairly decent romantic comedy and it's worth the watch. (76%)

Borhan K (br) wrote: Secret of the Wings we get to see Tinkerbell up to her old tricks again. This time Tinkerbell is fascinated about winter and goes into the other world of fairies the winter world and gets to meet her sister then the world starts a ice age and all the fairies start to panic and the story revolves around how the two worlds become one.It is good clean family fun that all would enjoy,I would say 5 to 12 year olds no one older otherwise watch it as a family.