True Blue

True Blue

The story of the year the Oxford and Cambridge boat race changed from a gentleman's race to one where winning was everything.

The story of the year the Oxford and Cambridge boat race changed from a gentleman's race to one where winning was everything. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Irene S (us) wrote: a teenage drama about a young girl at the age of 17 that mother vanishes and how her life expriences and dreams in the long run discover more than the truth about her mother but about the world around her.

Xavier G (jp) wrote: Loved, loved, loved it!!! This movie was amazing. Heard and Costner were amazing!

Cline D (es) wrote: Film camra l'paule, a donne juste envie de vomir !! Et tellement improbable...

alfred y (au) wrote: Nice scenes and an amazing island. Keep you engage when the movie starts, then it beginning to be too predictive and the ending is disappointing.

Richard S (de) wrote: Brilliantly manic performance by Damian Lewis plus the film is written and directed in such a way that it will keep you guessing as to the outcome of the story.

Ross L (de) wrote: A police helicopter with guns!! WITH GUNS!! And a government conspiracy! Way to go Dan O'Bannon. Roy Schieder - keep up the good work. I enjoyed this movie moslyt because it reminded me that the 80's did produce something worth remembering... cheesy action movies. 2008 Movies: 133

Jonny C (gb) wrote: Chinatown is a classic noir film and is not just one of the best in its he genre but one of the best movies of all time. This film not only has some really great twists and turns during its amazing story but it has one of the best and most memorable ending scenes in the history of cinema. I watched it recently for the first time in about 10 years and was just utterly amazed by the great directing from the legend Roman Polanski along with the cinematography and production in this movie. Beautiful set pieces a solid story line with suspense and action and a great script, this movie is also a really good period peice the costume design and set design are very accurate to the time. And the acting was great oh man Jack Nicholson was a force through the 70s and 80s he just demolishes his role, Faye Dunaway was also really good. If i have one complaint a out this movie is that its run time is slightly long and drags a little at points. But If you're a true Cinephile or movie junkie this is a 100% watch if you havnt watched this yet you're missing out on a cinematic masterpiece. 8.25/10

Matthew P (es) wrote: sophisticated comedy about three beautiful gold diggers on the hunt for their millionaire

William W (fr) wrote: I greatly enjoyed this humdinger that faces off Edward G. Robinson against Humphrey Bogart, with Joan Blondell doing an incredible job as the moll. Another fine Warner Brothers gangster film, with taut direction by William Keighley.

Nicholas L (fr) wrote: The acting is terrific and the progression of the rags to riches is extremely realistic and poignant. The character development of Loretta Lynn is masterfully executed.

Susan C (es) wrote: What the hell did critics see in this? The cinematography of the opening scene is quite good and feels nostalgic. The acting is okay. The plot is simply bizarre, one to which the conclusion is just as bizarre. Good luck!

Harry W (ca) wrote: As with any Jim Carrey film, Liar Liar sounded like a hoot.Liar Liar has a story concept with a lot of potential within it to create some of the most zany comedy, the exact kind of material that it takes someone like Jim Carrey to carry to the end. The overall success of Liar Liar is all based around the viewer's opinion of Jim Carrey as the entire film is built around his comic talents. As a huge fan of his it is safe to say that Liar Liar is marketed to viewers like me, but more specifically at a younger age because I will admit that it didn't seem as funny to me this time as it was when I was a child. However, I still found myself consistently amused by the humour in Liar Liar.The one problem I found was that there were no funny supporting characters. As everyone else in the universe of the narrative is caught up in taking things very seriously, Liar Liar only allows the one funny character to be portrayed by Jim Carrey. Though some of the other cast members are likable, the only really funny one is Jim Carrey which puts all the pressure on to him. He manages to keep things going, but he doesn't have anyone to bounce off of. The plot is also very thin and is again, reliant all on Jim Carrey. Everything in the film boils down to Jim Carrey in one way or another. Around him, nobody else is funny and even the story takes itself rather seriously in terms of having an abundance of sentimentality, cliches and predictable writing. The material should honestly not be as funny as it is, but with the intense work of Jim Carrey it ends up far funnier and more over the top than I could have expected. This is important because underneath his efforts the writing is all very tame. The genuine attempts at sentimentality in the story may have some level of appeal to the younger or more sensitive viewers, but in actual fact it just seems rather tedious and predictable by this point. The commercialized nature of Liar Liar makes it clear that the film is going to run a familiar course and milk out all kinds of character archetypes in the process. This means that viewers are stuck with a story about a father who isn't there for his son after he wasn't there for his ex-wife, attempting to balance work with family and not having luck in the process. This is a tale which is all too familiar, and though the ridiculous premise about a man being unable to lie takes the story in an alternative direction to the more conventionally dramatic nature of the story, Liar Liar is still riddled with sentimentality which will not appeal to viewers who find it to be too cliche. In all essence, it is because there is little outside of the central comedic gimmicks in Liar Liar which is not conventional. The originality of the comedic material will not be found in the screenplay because it honestly takes its story a bit too seriously rather frequently, even though it is able to consistently maintain a lighthearted comedic atmosphere which keeps it watchable.You'd think that with such a zany premise there would be more exploration of ridiculous over the top potential or transgressive humour, but the fact is that there is a sense that Liar Liar wants to stick to the story and play it safe. Jim Carrey manages to balance a focus on the character and the humour, but director Tom Shadyac cannot find the same balance with the story. But as he proved before as the director of Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, Tom Shadyac proves that his greatest asset as a film director is that he is able to structure the narrative handed to him by Paul Guay and Stephen Mazur well enough that it allows Jim Carrey plenty of room to flex his comic muscles and singly handily render Liar Liar an entertaining experience.Jim Carrey succesfully carries Liar Liar all the way on his shoulders with exceptional comedic skills. The material gives him a central premise, but it is all him that makes it funny because he has a natural skill of being quick with words which makes him fit the profile of a lawyer, but more importantly his relentless energy makes his inability to lie seem like a reality. He manages to make his character's inability to lie come off as a curse that overwhelms him through the process of throwing every word at the audience like water bursting through a dam as the holes become bigger. You can see the comedic spirit just breaking out of him, and though it is the same sort of over the top demeanour that he integrated into Aced Ventura: Pet Detective, it plays out on a level not instinctive to the character which in turn makes Liar Liar into a tale about Fletcher Reede having to battle his own will. Jim Carrey essentially has to fight himself in Liar Liar, and the resulting physical comedy is absolutely outrageous. Though his character is an absolute prick, he develops really well and consistently keeps a strong level of comic energy at his helm which keeps him likable enough. Jim Carrey's relentless energy makes Liar Liar an appealing viewing pleasure and he is so consistently on point with his natural persona that he manages to spend an entire film reaching out to audiences with plenty of energetic slapstick and agressively comic line delivery.So Liar Liar has a thin plot which is riddled with familiar yet unfunny characters and sentimental devices which fail to actively add much to the story, but with Jim Carrey helming the ridiculous premise and putting his over the top energy into the humour at every edge it cannot help but stand strong as a hilarious source of entertainment.

Robyn M (mx) wrote: WitchBoard failed to keep me entertain. The movies "special effects" are so out dated it looks like a ametur attempting a home video with a couple of pals. This is very disapointing you never really get to see the whatever ones in horror about and when you do its some ugly old guy with a bad make-up job. I think this movie was made by supersticous people or the parent advisery board to scare childern from using magic or a we-gi board.