True Stories

True Stories

A small but growing Texas town, filled with strange and musical characters, celebrates its sesquicentennial and converge on a local parade and talent show.

A small but growing Texas town, filled with strange and musical characters, celebrates its sesquicentennial and converge on a local parade and talent show. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Amir M (it) wrote: An entertaining way to learn about the history of the worlds largest restaurant chain (and apparently worlds largest real estate company). The film does a decent job of making Ray Kroc a relatable character who's motivations we can relate to while simultaneously making him sickening to the stomach and the antagonist of the story.

Kimberly A (it) wrote: WOW - a set of events intertwined by three separate perspectives - told well... each perspective giving further insight into the events as they unfold - part drama, part examination of wealth, class, and metal health, and wholly superb

Terry B (kr) wrote: Dumbest movie ever to exist.

Miuho K (it) wrote: if Jesus were alive today he'd be down in Nicaragua rallying the Sandinistas. Grace Away.

Private U (us) wrote: I swear... Even if you DON'T want to be a pilot in the United States Air Force... (Which you're crazy if you don't) You should think this was an awesome movie...

Donny F (it) wrote: "it was topical it was erotical I gave it 9.5 hell I still got wood" "I gave it a 10, a 10, a f***ing 10!!" great movie must see football movie!

Millo T (nl) wrote: Two main aspects: atmosphere (a very Southern one), and excentric characters. You'll laugh a lot with it, although paradoxically it's a thriller. Very good story.

Billy T (kr) wrote: NutFlix gave this a 1-Star rating. UBER LAME!!!

Isaac Z (br) wrote: brilliant movie. it's the first in a very long time that I actually am happy that I've seen.

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David D (es) wrote: This is a great flick that mirrors and surpasses the contemporary "Dances With Wolves" and matches "The Last Samurai". These stories are very similar in that the lead character finds himself living with 'primitive' native people during a time of conflict with 'progress'. In this movie, the perfectly cast Nick Nolte leaves the US war effort in World War II to find tranquility with Pacific Islanders who know little about the terrible conflict surrounding them. Nolte and his adoptive people become deeply enmeshed in the violence and the story takes several interesting turns between the fight against the Japanese and then an insurgent campaign against the Allies. It's a surprising turn for Nick Nolte and a well laid out narrative.

Bart (ru) wrote: oh look, it's Lady Gaga

Anders A (br) wrote: One of the standout unique animation movies, made on a limited budget and with imagination from a far. Liberal and psychedelic, thus vital in the surival one spieces from an other.

Matthew R (gb) wrote: The haunting, hypnotic, and exquisite Edie Sedgwick is "brought to life" through the images of this film. A harsh reality check of a time called the "silver sixties." A girl who rises to vast fame in the underground film industry and loses her grip on reality due to narcotics. Watch and see a beautiful girl crumble and fall flat on her face.

Mic M (kr) wrote: Best Bergman film in my opinion. A strong reflexion on motherhood and the impact of being a mother. So much other theme are observe in only an hour and 21 minutes.

Nick A (gb) wrote: It's a drama, and not much of it really. Though the situations seem lifelike and the characters and the acting are praisable, at times it just seems like another dreary tale of people who don't really have a valuable tale to tell.

Omer G (es) wrote: Araplarda ok yayg?n olarak kullan?lan devlet adamlar?na ve yak?nlar?na dublr kullan?lmas?n? anlatan film.Saddam Huseyin'in o?lu Uday'? ve dublrn konu al?yor, ba?rolde Dominic Cooper resmen dktryor. ?ki karakter aras?nda gidi? geli?ler her ikisinin de ayr? ayr? olan zelliklerini ok iyi vurguluyor.?zledi?im en ilgin ve dikkat ekici filmlerden mutlaka izlenmeli.

Jason W (nl) wrote: Good flick, forgot I had seen it before, but enjoyed it again!