True Story

True Story

A drama centered around the relationship between journalist Michael Finkel and Christian Longo, an FBI Most Wanted List murderer who for years lived outside the U.S. under Finkel's name.

Christian Longo, a man on the FBI';;;s most wanted list for murdering his wife and three children in Oregon. He hid in Mexico under the identity of Michael Finkel, a journalist. One day, Finkel receives a phone call from a man regarding an FBI Most Wanted individual named Christian Longo, who';;;s been captured and claimed to be living as Finkel. Longo and Finkel meet and form a potentially marriage shattering bond while Longo is in prison awaiting his trial. Finkel exchanges journalism tips for the real events behind Longo';;;s alleged heinous acts of murdering his family. Through the twists and turns in the movie, only at the end will Finkel uncover the True Story. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


True Story torrent reviews

Heather V (us) wrote: Controversial, and awesome , best cast assembled and managed by JT Mollner , Directer .

Private U (br) wrote: C-movie, very awful, very bad.

Tamiya B (au) wrote: very strange movie not really what i thought it was going to be about.

Peter B (ru) wrote: Extra points considering that Disney sequels are generally horrible. But this one is actually pretty good, with a solid story.

Usman A (it) wrote: I would have given 4.5 stars but its a bit too long. Otherwise, good acting, good action, overall a nice enjoyable movie.

Melissa M (es) wrote: It seems like they are taking the theme from School of Rock

Fiona C (nl) wrote: Great acting, location and story.

Guido S (de) wrote: Martin Lawrence is a worker at a local medieval themed golf course and ends up falling in the polluted water after a necklace and ends up in the medieval times. He mistakes their castle for his competitors and has to improvise to be able to stay. It has some moments, but they seem to lose steam about halfway through and the jokes don't come fast enough. It also wears the idea pretty thin by that point since the story is ridiculous but there is nothing to keep it interesting.

Amanda H (ag) wrote: My husband is the Valet!

Andy L (gb) wrote: Bad ass fucking movie

Peryong T (fr) wrote: the first half was quite slow, but the second half was a bit more interesting. hope they make a lupin movie without delving too much on how he came to be lupin.