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Truhanes torrent reviews

Ingrid N (de) wrote: What an interesting series.

Jungwoo P (es) wrote: The film may disappoint you on first viewing, but there seems to be much more underneath the surface if you see it again.

Stephanie Muo (it) wrote: This movie ir badass! i tell you for real. all about life and shit. ya should so see. :)

Jim S (au) wrote: Pretty much perfect.

Paul D (ca) wrote: A very superficial burgeoning rom com around a highly improbable plot.

Arlene O (kr) wrote: reading the book was good but now i wanna see the movie

Richard L (de) wrote: This is more or less Alien, but in a deep-sea mining facility.

Mark S (nl) wrote: be prepared for a really bad hair day.

Steve G (au) wrote: Rita Hayworth at her absolute peak. In Gilda, she plays, arguably, the greatest femme fatale ever. An alluring tale about smoldering relationships & vulnerable people. It slowly draws you in.The movie does seem to go slightly askew after the plane scene. Rhyme & reason are lacking for the characters' motivations. That doesn't mean that the film is less interesting. But the message is a less focused.It's more about the relationships than it is about the crime story, which could've been less thin.I love the cop. He almost steals the show.The ending is a high point, and ties things together nicely.

Lisa K (ca) wrote: Arguably one of the best political documentaries ever made... I loved it:)