While she is trapped in a trunk of a serial killer's car,a single mother named Megan,is about to come face-to-face with death,in order to stay alive,she decides to play along with her deranged captor?

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:94 minutes
  • Release:2009
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:one word title,  

When seventeen-year old Candice wakes up in the trunk of a stranger's car, she quickly wonders how she could have let this happen. As she recalls the events that led up to this moment, Candice soberly rethinks her life... and her priorities. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Trunk torrent reviews

Jp D (fr) wrote: great film, highly recommended for those who lived through that time

Valentine C (br) wrote: i really enjoyed dis movie it was fun and it showed me how everyone takes each other for granted but we quickly cry wen one is moving on.

Cai C (us) wrote: Really boring, horse movies don't interest me.

Hannah D (it) wrote: I feared I might get a bit bored of this, having completed Thomas Hardy's novel only a couple of weeks ago, but I didn't once thanks to star turns from Christopher Eccleston and Kate Winslet, who really made it very engaging to watch. I think Hardy would have given this the thumbs-up if he were alive today.

Greg W (ru) wrote: Absolutely charming. Peter O'Toole gives a fantastic performance as an Errol Flynn facsimile named Alan Swan.

Ryan F (it) wrote: Not only is this the best of the original Star Trek movies, this is a great science fiction movie in general. This had a great story and strong performances from the entire cast, especially Ricardo Montalban as Khan. Unlike a lot of recent Sci-Fi movies, this didn't lose sight of its script in favor of overblown special effects.

Keith K (ag) wrote: How have I missed this all these years! After countless viewings of The Towering Inferno, Earthquake, Airports and Poseidon Adventure - I'd never even heard of The Cassandra Crossing until Rob turned me on to it two nights ago when it was on.Of course, I have more questions than answers. Why is a trans-europe train filled with and staffed by Americans? Why does the guy in the mystery bunker hold so much power? It is like LOST in 1977 on a train!The "special effects" at the end were truly priceless.

Danny R (gb) wrote: A Warner Brothers classic, that richly deserves a place among the pantheon of great boxing films, it tells the true-life story of James J. "Gentlemen Jim" Corbett, the colorful Irish-American boxer who became the first heavyweight champion of the world, under the new Marquis of Queensberry rules. The story follows Corbett played by Errol Flynn who delivers one of the finest and most charismatic performances of his career, as a ambitious bank clerk in San Francisco, who thru chance will fight the ex-boxing champion of England and win. That will eventually lead to a fearsome fight with the heavyweight champion of the world, the great John L. Sullivan a legendary ring king played by Ward Bond in brilliant larger-than-life performance which is one of the finest moments in his distinguished career. The film is also a fascinating look at the early days of boxing as a outlaw sport, with some exciting and realistic fight sequences, which well-staged and are highly effective. Flynn was actually an accomplished boxer and you can see it was him doing all of his stunts and no doubles, this role was Errol Flynn's favorite, he trained rigorously to master Corbett's gliding footwork, his deft jabbing and lighting left-hooking that were all Corbett trademarks. Magnificent supporting performances from Alexis Smith, Jack Carson, Alan Hale, William Frawley, Minor Watson, and John Loder. Superlative direction by Raoul Walsh and impressive production values, convincingly recreating San Francisco circa 1887. A Knockout entertainment. Highly Recommended.

Harris M (kr) wrote: Some laugh out loud humor in this movie, it's so stupid, and I LOVE it! In my opinion it's Adam Sandler's best movie! Give it a watch!

Isaiah H (br) wrote: One of the smartest films I have ever seen. And Rosamund Pikes performance is one for generations.

Steve D (us) wrote: boring and typically fast talking mess from Sorkin. The story would make a better documentary than a film. The actors are game but they aren't given enough material to work with.

Shawn R (nl) wrote: This movie had a little to much going on. Similar to Crash but this format does not work with 3 different love stories as well.