After being thrown away from home, pregnant high school dropout Maria meets Matthew, a highly educated and extremely moody electronics repairman. The two begin an unusual romance built on their sense of mutual admiration and trust.

Intelligent but unconventional, Maria has more to worry about than her pregnancy, as her expectant state drives away her boyfriend and triggers a fatal heart attack in her father. But when electronics genius Matthew Slaughter comes into her life, things start to brighten up for Maria. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Poornima D (ru) wrote: Movie is great and awesome worthy to watch.After long time good film from kollywood

Marta K (ru) wrote: Rather unusual setiing of a traditional topic of on-father relationship. Jealousy, respect, appreciation and rivalry.

Jason P (de) wrote: Way better then pumpkinhead 2 was

Daniel B (fr) wrote: Crap, plain and simple. There were barely any sharks and very little raging to be had

Mike B (ru) wrote: Dead average and not interesting.

Jennifer B (mx) wrote: Some great 90s storyline here.

Ryan C (nl) wrote: For a college teen movie, it's better than most

Deray A (de) wrote: bir francois truffaut filmi. bir cenazeye katlan kadnlar ve onlarn bacaklarn grerek ba?larz filme ve gemi?e giderek cenazesi kalkan adamn, kadnlara olan saplantsna, bu saplantyla kadndan kadna "ko?masna" ?ahit oluruz.

Oscar T (ca) wrote: Great for rainy days when you ill...

Michael W (kr) wrote: All time classic. Super all star cast Chase, Dangerfield, Knight, Murray etc. Rude, crude, and stupid humor spliced into a snotty country club setting. A class warfare movie of dysfunctional behaviors of all the characters. Make you piss your pants laughing scenes are: The chocolate bar pool scene, Knight throwing the golf club in anger scene, and Dangerfield at the country club dinner. Director Ramis creates a humor continuity throughout Caddyshack where there is no drag in the movie. The characters meld and move in each scene create a humor synergy. Murray, Chase, Dangerfield, and Knight build on each other creating a comic masterpiece. 5 stars. A comic classic.

Zak C (ag) wrote: Classic film. One of the greatest. Pitt's finest performance.