An estranged couple on a weekend retreat are pushed further apart when the wife, Becca, becomes romantically fascinated with the journal of the cabin's long-dead former owner. When the ghost of the old owner appears and reciprocates Becca's feelings, the web of betrayals and untruths between Becca and her husband begins to unravel.

An estranged couple on a weekend retreat are pushed further apart when the wife, Becca, becomes romantically fascinated with the journal of the cabin's long-dead former owner. When the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Liam B (us) wrote: Absolutely sublime from start to finish

Sree K (es) wrote: title: brindaavanamscript: krish( ntr ) is a perfect son of a rich business man. he is in love with indu ( samantha ) . one day bhoomi arrives and indu asks krish to act as her boyfriend. this leads him to brindaavanam the house of bhoomi. things go very well. twist occurs when . krish realises that both bhoomi and indu are sisters. then what happens?? is to be watched.!execution: the twist in the story is some what predictable and it should have been just at the interval block. but it is shown way far interval. the story is having the emotional content which is taken really well. the last 10 minutes of the movie has another twist. now with 2 twists in the movie , everything was handled really well. the only problem is that lot of sentiment is focussed on the movie. looks like the director wanted to target family audience. anyway the execution is good. direction: vamsi paidipally has done a perfect job. everyone got their respective roles , and neat performances by all of them without any sort of over action. screenplay: the screenplay is not that racy. the first half looked really long and over 90 minutes. the second half is good with loads of sentiment and comedy at parts. if the first half would have edited to perfection and screenplay might have adjusted, movie would have been magical treat.casting: jr. Ntr has his print all over in the movie. his trademark movie in all aspects. kajal and samantha are also good. prakash raj and sri hari are having equal and important roles. rest all characters are etched thaman scores 3 perfect numbers to rock the seats. the songs are perfectly synchronized with the tunes of thaman.background score: the score picks up during the tempo scenes. in action scenes , score is awesome. emotional scenes require a better score. thaman can improve.cinematography: all the songs are having good locations. first and third song are perfectly shot with neat cinematography.editing: editing is ok. trimming might have been done in first half. second half is good. Cgi/production values: the movie is invested with a budget of 30 crores , which is somewhat big, but the movie is satisfying all the genres and the producers can make better business. cgi effects are seen in touches and they are apt.entertainment value: first half is having normal entertainment. dialogs are catchy in first half. second half is having some comedy with brahmanandam and venu madhav. the movie is loaded with 50% entertainment. 50% sentiment. final analysis: movie begins well. the colorful song of 1950 is really good. ntr action scenes are good. climax action scene is wonderfully picturized.first half is driven with sentiment , romance , and some sort of action buffs including some catchy dialogs. second half has the comedy role to play. the last 20 minutes is again sentimental and emotion filled with some twist. the movie targets 70% family audience and 30% youth. but anyway the movie is decent to watch by all generations. rating: 3.5/5

Piotrek P (us) wrote: You've seen one movie where people are killed one by one by mysterious creature/creatures, you've seen em all. Nothing new.

Linda H (ru) wrote: Very interresting relationship. I like that it's center around the two main characters only.

Ludwing M (us) wrote: couldnt everybody relate to thsi story? so classic, yet so true... that first love, that first broken heart... and all the great music that goes with it...

Ian L (us) wrote: Pure quality , maybe the finest film ever made . Jake the cat is alive and well and living in Sheffield .

Greg W (de) wrote: good pre-coder Jean Harlow's 2nd feature but was released after her 3rd movie Capra's 'platinum blonde"

Zetune S (de) wrote: Not only does this film tell a sweet lovestory of two youngsters with many unsuspected hits and bumps on their way, but is also tells the interesting and relatable stories of the supporting roles. A great laugh, an exceptional reminiscence of the '80s, and superb acting can all be found in 'Adventureland'.

John M (it) wrote: Don't bother. Weak story, poor acting all round, and even the martial arts action is pretty subdued and lame until the final battle.

Elgan D (nl) wrote: An initially creepy premise is not adequately built upon leaving a very unsatisfying ending