Truth or Dare

Truth or Dare

A group of college friends celebrate the end of term with a party to end all parties. During a drink and drug-fuelled evening, an innocent game of ‘Truth or Dare’ has a very sore loser, sparking a terrifying sequence of events and a whole new twist on the game of truth or dare – where the truth can kill you.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:100 minutes
  • Release:2012
  • Language:Mandarin
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:torture,   b horror,   sick,  

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Roy C (us) wrote: Megamind sells his old gadgets and accidentally unleashes a robotic Old Evil Me on Metro City.

Matthew Y (mx) wrote: Even though I was only half paying attention, I have no idea what really happened in the movie

Ramakanth Sai J (mx) wrote: An honest movie that sticks to what its aim is. Farhan suprises you again after rock on.

Nelicquel c (it) wrote: The film is exremely boring well I like many long films that people find boring however this one has very simple task and very simple dialogues this is what bores you. reveals some everyday social matters people can not see underneath.

Tan H (br) wrote: besides a few crude jokes it was just ok.

Marc S (kr) wrote: This was a highly underrated movie. Heather Graham was sexy without being skanky. Lou Gossett Jr was at his tough guy best. Bruce Dern was at his evil best. James Woods was at his smartass best. Oliver Platt had the role of his lifetime as he drank an entire pitcher of beer before hustling a group of local bumpkins in pool. My only complaint was the lack of face time for Randall "Tex" Cobb.

Matt L (ca) wrote: This guy destroys so many cars

Senor C (br) wrote: Devil dog is amusing in some fashions but limited for it's made for TV trappings. Upscale Satanists purchase a dog is amusing. $5000 is nothing to rich evil weirdos. Not a lot of dog attacks in this one though. This hound from hell plays mental games w/ you & fucks w/ your mind making you do such things as throw your own hand into the blades of a lawn mover. Richard Crenna battles the temptation w/ such conviction. He knows that dog is evil so much that he tare it from his children's ungrateful hand to take it off to kill it. If my daughter said to me if I was going to kill the dog that I had better not come home their would be hell to pay when I did come home from murdering that dog. Kim Richards should be smacked

Pit B (it) wrote: the original full metal jacket

Paul J (gb) wrote: It gets extra points for originality. Duvall & Spacek are superb as the two leads. The film captures awkward isolation perfectly. Especially from Duvall who is painful to watch in the best way possible. Her choices are quirky and painfully honest. No wonder she won Best Actress at Cannes. Altman may be referencing Persona a little throughout. I love how the film has more to do with emotion and feeling, rather than story. Much is left open to interpretation but thanks to a haunting and brilliant score (typical of the 70's), there's a mood that unsettles and makes us feel the characters alienation and discomfort. One could even interpret this film as if all three women are in fact the same person (like Lynch's Mulholland Drive). The re-occurring images of mirrors and water reflections possibly illustrate this. There's also plenty of clues. No one hardly notices them. Do they both actually even work at her job? Spacek uses Duvall's work card, shares her SIN number, takes her man, her car, clothes and even job. The third woman is the most mysterious (and featured the least) but perhaps all three of them represent a different side to the same personality.

Ilsa L (jp) wrote: Great noir! Dick Powell is terrific as Philip Marlowe and Claire Trevor is as cute as lace pants! Loved the narrative too.

Asten C (jp) wrote: wrong new moon lol sort it out flixster :)

James B (ru) wrote: Surprisingly goofy and upbeat spoof of Raiders of the lost ark, script is funnier and sharper than it should be and Bill Maher is funny, though VERY low budget which does hurt the film, still a must for b-movie lovers!