Tsar Ivan the Terrible

Tsar Ivan the Terrible

Adaptation of 'Prince Serebrenni' by A. K. Tolstoy.

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familiar s (ru) wrote: The production value is worse than a B grade movie. Sunny Deol is given some heavy dialogues, but that too (just like almost everything else herein) fails to save this dreadful piece of flick. The execution is so poor that even the veteran actors come across as amateurs. Avoidable by all means. Actual Rating: -10/5.

Wendy K (br) wrote: I make gazpacho out of rotten tomatoes... and love this film.

Stephen Y (ag) wrote: I rate this movie 3.25 stars.Question: If the enemy of my enemy is my friend, and there was a war with Japan, would north Korea and south Korea unite to fight Japan?The Secret Reunion is a light action thriller built upon the relationship dynamics between a north Korean spy and a south Korean government agent. While the movie starts out strictly as a "cat and mouse" type story, the film slowly evolves to humanize both individuals/sides. By the end, you find yourself empathizing with both individuals and the challenges they faced. Storyline and acting was on par with no particular stand out performance. It seems Song Kang-ho has been type-casted as a police officer, government agent or solider. In either case, Song Kang-ho's best role was probably in Chaser or Thirst(?, I've never seen it.) Action scenes were also on par for this genre without any memorable moments.All said, The Secret Reunion was a slightly above average thriller with a nice ending. Recommended for viewing if you're looking for a decent thriller movie to help past the time. You won't regret it but then again, you won't be ecstatic either.

Bruce B (nl) wrote: The French seem to be quite good at making these crime thrillers. Jean Reno, an actor familiar to English-speaking audiences thanks to his appearance in films like Leon and Godzilla, stars as a retired gangster (based on a true character, apparently) who is gunned down in a car park and left for dead by former accomplices. His attackers' reasons seem a little strange: they're afraid he will disapprove of their decision to move into the drugs market. After pumping 22 bullets into his body they leave him for dead, but he's harder to kill than they expected (hence the original title: l'Imortelle) and recovers to start plotting his revenge.Reno is one of the few actors - French or otherwise - who could pull off this kind of role convincingly. He can play the tough guy well enough, but retains a humane side that sneaks through the armour every now and then. His adversary, a former childhood friend, is more of a typical bad guy, but is given a few personality quirks to at least give him some character. It's interesting, though, how the eight assassins whom Reno tracks one-by-one are all given a more human side than the usual screen villain. Many of them are performing acts of kindness when Reno catches up with them - laying flowers on their son's grave; walking their senile mother, etc.The plot asks the audience to suspend disbelief perhaps a little too often for its own good, and is perhaps a little more convoluted than it needs to be, but it moves at a cracking pace, and actor Richard Perry has a dynamic style of filming that wisely stops short of becoming too flashy. 5 Stars 2-10-14

Amy H (de) wrote: boring and so not scary!!!

Cam D (mx) wrote: Any good scenes that make one laugh in this are far and few in between.I guess when you have a quite obviously black painted tooth on Lloyd and a movie based quite literally off the 'short bus joke', what'd you expect?I think working in the fields to thin out cow patties on the field would be more entertaining. In advance I'd like to thank Jim and Jeff in advance for coming back to make an actual sequel to the series as opposed to this garbage.

Erin S (br) wrote: This is one of Kiefer's best.

Dave G (fr) wrote: Philip Seymour Hoffman was such a great casting for this movie and he will be truly missed. And Deniro was no slouch either.

Duncan K (mx) wrote: Once again a horror movie attempt a sequel where there is absolutely no possible way for it to work, due to lack of material, fresh ideas, or purpose. It also doesn't help that the first movie was absolutely dreadful.

Talia P (au) wrote: My favorite Israeli film ever :)

Matt L (us) wrote: Possibly the greatest movie ever. Seriously.

Sean C (mx) wrote: It's totally over the top, but it's really fun to watch. Wings Hauser makes this movie, though. His performance as Ramrod is just so hilariously evil. This movie also proves that Clint Eastwood didn't say "make my day" in a movie first. Sudden Impact came out a year after this one.

RUBY G (ag) wrote: I wish my country would learn from this great heroic story...the politics in South Africa would truly be democratic instead of being FASCISTIC which is what it is now...perhaps even more so than ever before...Robert Newton is the man!!! Great movie

David S (br) wrote: A little disappointed with the popular cult film Donnie Darko. I wanted scarier, not realizing it wasn't even meant to be scary. And I think they took a few corny turns en route to explain this save-the-world, time travel piece. My biggest qualm was the strange casting. Drew Barrymore was just awful with her acting (let's just say, yeah, she deserved to get fired like her character did). The late, great Patrick Swayze was such an odd casting for his role, and it was kind of sad to see him do that after all the great things he gave us all these years. And just about every employee at that school needed to be rounded up and have a jet engine fall on THEIR heads. Now, sadly, this is one of those times where I will fully, undoubtedly ADMIT that I didn't get this movie. Not until searching online, where I came across explanations and article that I found far more interesting and entertaining than the movie itself. I didn't focus on the time travel, alternate universe stuff. I was just simply watching the events unfold on the most basic of levels, just trodding along thinking about this Donnie kid and his family and the town. I never realized he was saving the world or that he had these powers. I understood the timeline aspect, like when we finally meet alive-Frank (as opposed to dead-Frank who we meet first). I understood how certain events didn't follow in actual sequential ordering and the dead were time travelling to manipulate the events of the story. I just didn't understand how Donnie knew what was going on all along and that he needed to sacrifice his own life for the love of his girlfriend who he'll never meet thanks to his time travelling, and his family, and, well, the world itself. But somehow, he knew and we're supposed to just go with it. A neat idea, but somewhat poorly demonstrated for audiences. And what was with that weird wave between Donnie's mother and Gretchen at the end? Or mother's casual, cigarette smoking, I'm-cool-with-it demeanor as they carted her deceased son's body out of the house?

Jeffrey M (jp) wrote: In what essentially amounts to a film version of a good Locked Up Abroad episode, Holly Rollers tells the story of young Hasidic Jews who were recruited to smuggle ecstasy from Europe to the United States. Specifically, the film looks at the inculcation of Jesse Eisenberg's character to this new lifestyle. The story that Holy Rollers seeks to tell is a familiar one, but one that should translate well to film. The film does a good job at the start, establishing the rigid belief system and antiquated social structure of Eisenberg's background. His introduction to the world is believable, but the film soon seems to lose its sense of build up and pace. Whereas it set up the Jewish community so well, Essenberg's rise in the drug world seems rushed, with the character arcs of those surrounding him never being fully fleshed out. It's as if the film stopped trying to distinguish itself about 1/3 of the way through, and instead opted for auto pilot.The performances in the film are all good, with Eisenberg having an especially interesting depiction of his character, conservative, awkward, shy, but yet curious and strangely competent. The problem, however, is that many of the supporting roles never fully developed, being especially pronounced with Justin Bartha's character. The relationship between Eisenberg and Ari Gaynor is also not handled especially well.Despite the weaknesses, Holy Rollers remains entertaining. It has most of the hallmarks of an effective drama, though it never stops to catch itself and reignite its originality. 3/5 Stars

Conrad T (gb) wrote: Don't expect it to be another Midnight Express. Nothing would keep you hold your breath.

Caleb M (au) wrote: Well-written with some really fun performances, Slums of Beverly Hills takes what we've all seen before and makes it worth watching again.