Tsar to Lenin

Tsar to Lenin

A documentary film account of the Russian Revolution, based on archival footage.

A documentary film account of the Russian Revolution, based on archival footage. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Tsar to Lenin torrent reviews

Jake P (jp) wrote: Not into bears but thought I'd watch it. It has a story but not good maybe it's cause of the bear thing lol.

Veronica T (ca) wrote: interesting film...haha...again he works with the fabulous emma thompson.

Michael K (au) wrote: A VERY good movie. Touching, and thought-provoking. I'm not ashamed to admit that I cried at the end.

Jim A (nl) wrote: One of the most mean spirited and ugly Christmas movies I have ever seen. The way it promotes everything commercial and unpleasant about the Christmas season is something else. It is pretty much the definition of everything that a Christmas movie should not be

Rany O (gb) wrote: Don't waste your time on this. Despite decent but not great fight scenes, there is flaws. Annoying flaws. The main one is about the storyline : it is not complex but it has a lot of scenaristic holes. Sometimes you don't even know what's happening. The other one is in the animation department : despite the fact it is made by Production I.G (Ghost in the Shell : Stand Alone Complex) and therefore the fact that the animation is smooth, there is a problem with the colors. It looks like the screen was bleached up or something. WTH? Stay away from this. If you want to watch hack'n'slash/samurai-style animes, I recommend "Basilisk", "Ninja Scroll" and "Samurai Champloo".

Wilson S (mx) wrote: surrealism, Spain, town vs country, family... solid

Lisa J (de) wrote: I saw this so long ago.

Scream Q (fr) wrote: A great movie! Must see!

erika p (kr) wrote: Never remake this movie, this was the best movie ever.

Jonathan H (it) wrote: uh... this isn't what brooklyn symphony orchestra rehearsals are like.

Donovan S (fr) wrote: Awesome music, intricate plot (for a bollywood flick), cute girls and Rishi Kapoor. Its really all anyone needs to know. Classic film.

Jonathan B (it) wrote: Je ne sais pas trop quoi dire, ce film m'a laiss un peu sur le cul...mais dans le mauvais sens du terme.J'ai l'impression de faire figure d'exclus dans ce monde o les gens semblent aduler ce film.Juste de mon avis, je l'ai trouv...mauvais. Il a de bonnes qualits comme la musique, certaines combats,...mais merde c'est quoi ce truc ?Ou je suis trop exigeant ou Hark ne savait pas ce qu'il faisait sur ce film. C'est film n'importe comment, la camra est brouillonne, trop rapide, limite illisible. Illisible, c'est le mot : les combats, certes trs accrocheurs et biens foutus mais merde on comprend rien ce qu'il se passe (et pourtant je regarde du Tony Scott). Les scnes passent sans rapport la dernire, on passe d'un perso l'autre sans explications, les personnages ont toujours l'air d'tre super nerv, et allez que je crie tout le temps. ?a n'a pas de sens. Les personnages s'nervent, crient vengeance, mais finalement se ravise, on sait pas pourquoi. Les ellipses sont outrageantes tellement on passe du coq l'ne. Les acteurs surjouent comme pas possible.J'aurais voulu aimer ce film, mais ce n'est pas possible, je ne peux que le dtester. Je prfre largement Time and Tide qui en plus d'tre supra fun, est bien film.

bill s (kr) wrote: To me,the worst King adaptation period and end of discussion.

Joby D (ru) wrote: I kinda don't want to see it because Gwyneth Paltrow is in it.

Evan F (ca) wrote: So much testosterone I grew an extra pair of balls. Aerial footage was pretty cool.

Mike D (ag) wrote: 100% awesome. Honestly.

Tony L (au) wrote: Slow to develop and cheesy at times; however, the final outcomes shock factor salvages the movie from being a total misfire.