Tsatsiki, morsan och polisen

Tsatsiki, morsan och polisen

Little Tsatsiki, son of a single mother in Sweden, has never met his father, a Greek fisherman. Tsatsiki befriends a nice but straight-laced motorcycle policeman renting one of their rooms ...

Little Tsatsiki, son of a single mother in Sweden, has never met his father, a Greek fisherman. Tsatsiki befriends a nice but straight-laced motorcycle policeman renting one of their rooms ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Peter S (kr) wrote: Great Burt, and Duke Ellington's music.

J E (mx) wrote: Overall, ended up bored with the movie. the kids were pretty decent at what they did acting-wise but not much plot or script to work with (or budget seems like). overall, wasn't worth the time watching as it wasn't that funny so would not recommend the movie.

Private U (ag) wrote: I enjoyed the dancing but I especially enjoyed watching the kids develop a passion for dancing.

Garrett (au) wrote: Apparently this movie is for fanboys. Luckily, I am one. Fanboys is, to us who understand, a hilarious ode to all things Star Wars.

Alex H (ru) wrote: This movie looked at itself in the mirror, said "You're ridiculous" and then went to the party anyway. I'm so glad we survived the 90's.

Raul P (kr) wrote: Una pelcula para deprimirse a fondo.

John S (ca) wrote: Beautifully executed, wonderful cast of crazy characters, and a great performance by the lead actor. Great film. But it could be that it's missing something. Not really sure what. But I didn't really enjoy it as much. I can tell it's a great film, but didn't really enjoy it for some reason.

Uriel A V (us) wrote: Tal vez no sea la mas grande y majestuosa pelicula del maestro Akira Kurosawa, pero fu la primera que vi y qued cautivado y conmovido, le tengo especial cario a esta pelicula. Barbaroja es the ultimate sempai, interpretado magistralmente por Toshiro Mifune.

Sam G (ru) wrote: Classic Stan and Olie

Douglas L (br) wrote: I was pretty excited about this one. I watch just about every zombie movie that comes out from the big budget ones down to things made for a hundred bucks. What i can tell you is that along THAT continuum, this is by far above average. But does that mean its GOOD? I'm not sure - but its not BAD. As far as the technical aspects go, this film is lovely. The cinematography is excellent (i'm going to assume it was filmed on DSLR - looks like a 5D or 7D?) and everything is wonderfully framed. The acting is above par for a film of this budget. The "bad" guy is the strongest performance, with maybe the most unsteady of all coming from the male "lead" - though not to a degree that takes away from anything. I use quotation marks because there isn't really a lead or a villain, just people that NEARLY take that role. Now, i don't have a problem with not filling standard archetypes of film - its just that these characters could have been so much deeper. The pacing of this film was so fast that you didn't really get a chance to feel story. It could have been about half an hour longer, really. But the pacing was so quick that some of the scenes didn't work - such as an emotionally intense execution of an infected party member when, in fact, you've only had 5 minutes of screen time to get to know the character. It just feels a little bit rushed, which upsets you because it didn't need to be rushed.The zombie make up was alright. Not amazing but not cheap. The sets work really well and you believe pretty much everything you see. There is even a few doses of nudity that, well, aren't half bad.Overall, I would recommend this movie and really would have liked to have seen a longer, more "fleshed out" version.

Abb J (mx) wrote: Jug Face: This gothic folktale, about a bunch of moonshine-making hillbillies who make periodic human sacrifices to a mud pit, sounds like a laughably ridiculous idea for a horror film. But that very absurdity, combined with surprisingly good acting and a well-honed sense of dread, makes this indie flick believably good. If you are looking for a scary movie to creep you out while on a weekend cabin getaway, lock your doors and look no further. B

Michael R (de) wrote: Decent Revenge Film...