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Al H (ru) wrote: A good plot full of blood

Michael B (ru) wrote: The best film from Laos I have ever seen.

Shovik S (it) wrote: Unfortunately, the strong message conveyed is bogged down by many drawn out and melodramatic scenes. Meera's excessive swearing doesn't help either.

Terry C (it) wrote: Wacky, while still having a heart. I heard there are no superheroes in India. There is only Rajnikanth.

Bradley F (ca) wrote: I can't really describe this movie in one word like I do with some reviews. I must use two words... Stereotypical Nonsense. This version of Around The World in 80 Days is nothing but nonsensical noise with Stereotypes (some offensive and some just stereotypes of stereotypes). I'll just say right now I have not read the book by Jules Verne but it surely has to be better than this stupid waste of time and energy. Let's look at the embarrassing adaptation of "Around The World in 80 Days". Phileas Fogg is an inventor who makes a bet with Lord Kelvin. He bets he can travel Around The World in 80 Days. If he wins, he'll be the new head of the Royal Academy of Science. If he loses, he must never invent again. Along with him is his new "valet" Lau Xing (Jackie Chan) and a bland French stereotype named Monique. I might as well get this out of the way first, no one in this movie feels like a real person. I really hate it when movies are pretty much just live action cartoons with no real substance or reality to it. The film is so silly to the point where it's hard to take it seriously when it does have a serious moment. 80 Days doesn't know when to be serious and when to be funny. Even though the entire cast is trying very hard to make their roles believable, all of them pretty much fall on their faces. Jackie Chan really is at his worst here and I feel really sorry for him in this picture. However, I still have no idea what Rob Schinder, the Wilson brothers and Arnold Schwarzenegger are even in this movie. That's like putting Nick Swardson in The Diary of Anne Frank. It just doesn't feel right does it? Another big reason why this movie is idiotic is the fact that there are quite a bit of offensive stereotypes of other countries and cultures. This movie had a big oppturnity to really be informative and explore other cultures of different people in this world. Instead, it's a bunch of action scenes, running gags and a bad joke made even worse by the Screenplay. We basically have a live action cartoon that just won't shut up. Around The World in 80 Days had great potential to be something that was both a fun and a serious look at different kinds of people. As is though, this films is just a loud nonsensical mess. It's awfull paced, sloppily written, terribly acted and kind of insulting due to racial stereotypes throughout the film. So... what shoud be my next review???

Sarra S (gb) wrote: Very minimalist. Loved the concept.

Bill Z (au) wrote: A war between two Lau! Plot is attractive, fascinating, and well calculated. Johnnie To's storytelling adds tense effect into this movie.

Rhoda S (mx) wrote: story is a bit weak, and it is hard to believe. But you can stop asking questions and take the film for the nonsence it is and escape a crapy day, trust me her's is a lot worse

Jeff B (ag) wrote: Not bad film starring Ginger Rogers in her Oscar winning role as the title character. I didn't really like the way the film ws set up, the way it started with the end and went into flashbacks, with her narrating. The opening scene with the ring seemed out of place, and finally when it was brough back into the story at the very end and she made her "decision" I didn't really know what her decision was because I forgot what the offer was (if that makes sense). But apart form that, it's the usual 30s/40s leading lady role, not bad but not excellent. Some of the romance was well done, but overall, this films could have been better.

Eric H (ag) wrote: Why do Disney make truly wonderful films and then make a complete botch job of a sequel? Really I would rather they leave it alone. Just a very unoriginal movie. Just pass.

Frank N (es) wrote: A poorly developed script filled with cliches and poor acting. Lauter is the only one whose acting feels sincere.

Ashli H (au) wrote: Gross but hilarious.

Jody J (fr) wrote: This was a fantastic, inspiring movie. Stunning scenery, soundtracks, and people from all walks of life (young and old). Watch this movie...after it is done put down the popcorn, pickup a paddle, ski, or board and get out there.

Helio A (ru) wrote: Creo que esta pelicula intenta humanizar a uno de los mas temidos villanos del mundo moderno. Si bien, la historia no es real (o al menos eso creemos) COnsidero que la pelicula presenta una realidad alterna lo suficientemente buena y creible de lo que pudo haber ocurrido con Hitler. Ademas, todos los actores y actrices participan de esta pelicula, logran conmovernos, hacernos odiarlos y quererlos. De por si, no soy fan de Susack, pero debo admitir que su papel me encanto y, Taylor simplemente se luce. Tambien, encontre que la pelicula tiene varias escenas bien logradas, bastante sutiles pero con mucho significado para el desarrollo de la misma y hasta para examinar la historia de los Nazis. En conclusion, si eres fan de las peliculas de nazis, la historia del WW2 o de buenas peliculas, creo que esta es un MUST, para disfrutar. Altamente recomendada.