Tsuburo no gara

Tsuburo no gara

A man and a woman wake up in a hospital room. She's a nurse, he's a patient. Problem: a large metal obA man and a woman wake up in a hospital room. She's a nurse, he's a patient. Problem: a large metal object on his back...ject on his back...

A man and a woman wake up in a hospital room. She's a nurse, he's a patient. Problem: a large metal object on his back. While the woman tries desperately to escape, the man experiences an ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Bill R (ca) wrote: This was in the horror section but it's more of a thriller then anything. It was a little on the creepy and eerie uncomfortable side. yet it was fairly original on its premise of what the pit was and how it was choosing. The other part of the story is just a bit backwoods keeping it in the family but still family regardless I guess. not too bad for an unheard of movie.

Ethan L (br) wrote: Cool movie, love how this is put together

Private U (ru) wrote: This was a compelling movie that struck a chord. Unfortunately it felt a bit long and I dozed off a few times - I think not being close to the US system and local details made it a bit hard for me to connect at times. That aside, excellent imagery, messages and overall powerful. Got to hear the young director take questions afterwards, which added to the charm for me.

Daniel S (it) wrote: Superficial comedy about women who aren't superficial letting loose in line with the more shallow members of their gender. This movie has been made many times before, and its peers are generally superior in comparison to this average outing.

Ian C (it) wrote: Brutal!! Me encanto!

Luis O (us) wrote: Wow, wonderful, the best part it was filmed around my neighborhood, all those places are still there. Who ever said everything in LA is constantly changing, that's why I love where I live, it has not changed since it was built in 1920. For LA time that's ancient history.

Deborah H (us) wrote: Cute 80's movie for us that grow up in the 80's! Even if you have not its worth watch on a rainy day!

Richard H (ca) wrote: Even better than part 1 - and apparrently this was filmed first

Lesley H (us) wrote: i bought a poster of this movie in college, cause i mean...look at it! its hilarious. unfortunately the movie is not as hilarious. but its still okay. it just took me like 7 years to finally rent it since owning the poster. id rate it higher, but its clear it was the product of some misogynist armenian man who will never see a single fault of his own.

Lloyd C (au) wrote: FM is the tale of two movies. 1st half is brilliant. I worked in major market radio; this film captures that world very well. It's shot beautifully, and really depicts the world of 1960s/70s/80s radio with nuances and insight. I love that about "FM." Martin Mull and Eileen Brennen are brilliant. Linda Ronstadt, wonderful. OK, now the 2nd half of the movie. Ummmm..... it goes into this odd schitck that seems designed for 8-year-olds. It strangely falls far, to the level of a bad 70s sitcom. The 1st half of it is so good, I bought the DVD and still enjoy watching it from time to time. The good parts are SO good, it's definitely worth seeing.

Sam M (mx) wrote: Very clever and fun, if you don't understand Woody you probably won't like it much.

Stephen C (us) wrote: If you thought Dallas with over the top thenDouglas Sirks 1956 melodrama really does have it all but like that other great studio director Nicholas Ray its what Sirks smuggles into the film that makes it interesting.The film deals with the dysfunctional Hadleys oil barrons who wreak destruction and havoc and affect everyone around them.Robert Stack plays Kyle Hadley a huge boozer who cant fulfill his wifes desires to have children and has a very homoerotic realtionship with his best friend Mitch played by Rock Hudson.His Sister Marleee Hadley is a nymphomaniac who when spurned by Mitch goes into local sleazy dive bars and picks up undesirable men.Their father Jasper is a sick man and has more respect for Mitch than the unrelaible and soused Kyle who's wife is played by Lauren BacallSirk throws everything into the mix including Murder ,Blackmail Miscarriages and loads of phallic symbols with the use of Oil wells and pumps making the film a real soapy classic.But Sirk is also challenging the homespun views of 50s Americana by having all the darkness at the heart of that dream and how the threat of total breakdown is never far away.Its easy to see why directors ranging from Todd Haynes to Rainer Werner Fassbinder hold Sirks films in such high regard.The performances stay the right side of camp and Stack plays the drunk Kyle for all he is worth.Dorothy Malone plays the nympho role with huge relish and the whole film really is a precursor to the Dallas and Dynasty soaps of the 80S.Top grade melodrama from a master of the art.

Ben M (jp) wrote: Una pelcula muy extraa. Robert Mitchum es un bastardo completo en esto. Ms de una pelcula de la arte que un producto de estudio.

Jim H (gb) wrote: Started off atmospheric and creepy and just devolved into a cheap Omen remake with an even more unbelievable ending.

Trevor B (fr) wrote: It's not a very good start to finish movie. While it picks up at a perfect pace, and leaves us hanging, it takes a darker turn than expected, and never lightens up again after that.

Jesse M (fr) wrote: the movie have cute character was real black white and l looked the movie l was impressive their film wasen't best day time of my childhood. but l like it.

Tanner M (es) wrote: A brilliant first appearance of Chucky. This movie will have you on the edge of your seat from the start all the way to the twist ending. It's impossible not to enjoy this movie.