Tsunami Tour

Tsunami Tour

Tsunami tour by Beppe Grillo

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:69 minutes
  • Release:2013
  • Language:Italian
  • Reference:Imdb
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Tsunami Tour torrent reviews

Dale L (au) wrote: Just another typical raunchy comedy with college kids and lots of sex. Not the funnest but still entertaining. "I will need a lot more therapy now. I will never get that image out of my head."

Ivy K (br) wrote: So two entirely unlikable people who don't like each other either get married and are miserable and hate each other and treat each other like shit, but make up in the last two minutes because there's no other way to sell the movie so LOVE, and who cares if we're teaching our children all the wrong things in a super unentertaining way, let's spend $18 million and make it happen.

Khaled M (nl) wrote: Great reminder of how talented Angelina is, no one can do a crazy person better than her. Powerful movie about mental illness and the haunting grip that your mind can have on you which often lead to suicidal notions.

Gongkiat N (nl) wrote: One of my all time favorites.Hope Davis takes it all.

David W (ca) wrote: A perfect example of stupid 80s sci-fi films

Alexander C (us) wrote: A classic with the orangutang outstages Clint in acting!

Eric M (au) wrote: Loaded with laughs, but not so much with heart or intelligence, it's still an entertaining film that stumbles in its more serious final act, but thrives in the absurdist first two acts.

Nikki M (us) wrote: The Angelina Jolie and Ryan Phillipe storyline is awesome

Dave J (mx) wrote: Wednesday, January 8, 2013 (2012) The Samaritan THRILLER The situation is as follows, Samuel L. Jackson who is one of 11 executive producers, he stars as Foley who's just got out of prison after serving 25 years. He of course is not really a free man since he has to report for parole. At this point we initially don't know the real reason why he's in prison but as it turns out, it has something to do with shooting his partner who used to work as "Grifters" another slang for con-men. And apparently, as soon as he was let out, almost immediately he was confronted by the son of the partner Foley was forced to shoot and sent to prison for and his name is Ethan (Luke Kirby). At first, the audience assumes that Ethan has no malice towards Foley for shooting his father to death since both of them used to be involved into a shady business, but as it turns out Ethan very much want Foley to go back to the very business he was trying to avoid once getting out which is conning unsuspecting wealthy bad people. The movie dwells on Foley's complicated dilemma as Ethan continues to put more pressure Foley's blue-collar life, one of which is something coming from "Oldboy". Also, there's also some inspirations of 1990 movie called "The Grifters". This is just the low budget variation of "Oldboy" and "The Grifters". And I would've give this movie a pass except the ending totally sucked. 2 out of 4 stars