Tu Hi Meri Zindagi

Tu Hi Meri Zindagi

FREEDOM IS MY BIRTH RIGHT shouted one of the glorious sons of the motherland and he would not rest until he cut all the shackles of bondage. This was the spirit which inspired our hero who ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mique W (us) wrote: Due to it's strongly committed criticism of China's social and economic state, it stands as one of the harshest social commentaries in recent memory. Needless to say, Hollywood should really start taking down notes.

Keiron B (kr) wrote: Wow... that one caught me off guard!

Xander V (mx) wrote: its so annoying and mean spirited. The animation is very nice and mole is kinda funny, but the jokes are immature and surly is a prick and grayson is modern patrick star annoying. don,t watch this. its bad parenting.

Bevan S (mx) wrote: Great ghost story that examines the destructive quality of superstition on your psychology - intellectually ambitious, abstract, with a great soundtrack.

Jeff M (gb) wrote: Pushes the viewer outside their comfort zone and twists with the contradictions and juxtapositions incarcerated but noble, generally guilty but specifically innocent, femininity within a male point of view and honor among criminality. Visnjic is an Alice in a Hell's Wonderland.

Taryn G (it) wrote: it tells a great story and shows some great footage, but the technical aspect is nothing to be admired.

Gregory G (it) wrote: Billy Crudup and Jennifer Connelly are lovers and ideological antagonists in this haunting romantic drama that was vastly overlooked by audiences and critics. Crudup is a political idealist and opportunist driven to run for Congress; Connelly is an outspoken social activist killed by a car bomb. Connelly's death haunts Crudup years later - he can't let go of her and has hallucinations that she's still alive. (Thankfully, it's never spelled out whether or not the hallucinations are real.) This is an intelligent, emotional modern romance that makes us understand how two people with different political beliefs can still be in love. Crudup and Connelly are both superb in career best performances. Connelly is so smart and beautiful and passionate it's easy to see why Crudup would go a bit crazy. There is a wonderful scene where Crudup has a nervous breakdown at a restaurant with his family, following an election, which is heartbreaking. At times, the use of flashbacks muddles the temporal sequence but never in detriment. Written by Robert Dillon, based on the book by Scott Spencer. Directed by Keith Gordon. With Hal Holbrook, Janet McTeer, Paul Hipp, Molly Parker, Sandra Oh, and Ed Harris.

Mike G (au) wrote: Corny? Maybe. But it's actually really entertaining once you get past the poor acting. Worth it just for the scene of John Ritter back on the Three's Company set.

James H (it) wrote: This is certainly not a quickly paced film, at two plus hours this movie gets very tedious. On the plus side, the sumptuous production is remarkable. The score is good but it doesn't stand out. A little more editing would have helped. I found it hard to sit through.

Greg W (ag) wrote: 1 of the last German silent

Phani T (kr) wrote: A house arrested teen catches the (not so friendly) neighbourhood killer. Not much to speak of in any department - this a true sum greater than parts movie - the end result is better than anything all that went into making it,Ok to Watch.

Ben D (br) wrote: You know movie, all I wanted you to be was 4 attractive girls embarrassing a douchey guy for an hour and a half. How could you screw that up? It's so easy! But no. You had to go and completely ruin it with tasteless jokes and pointless conflicts that don't matter because you already know how things are going to turn out! You had one job movie, one job! And you failed miserably at it.