Tu Mera 22 Main Tera 22

Tu Mera 22 Main Tera 22

A Punjabi film starring Amrinder Gill, Mandy Takhar and Yo Yo Honey Singh, who also composed the music.

Two punjabi brothers went to australia in their father's home not to help their father but to enjoy living and luxury as their father was a wealthy man. Having disturbed from both, he ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Cameron H (es) wrote: A movie like this is amazing! Was a mix between Easy A & Superbad, but with a lot of heart and a message behind it. If only this movie would've came out to the masses 20 years ago... maybe, just maybe, we would be further along then we are now as a society.

Ryan S (it) wrote: Strange title for a movie that has strangeness throughout. Owen Wilson pretty much owns this movie even though he has Amy Poehler and Zach Galifianakis as his costars, but still he carries it on his own. Zach Galifianakis never quite got out of the whole Allen persona from The Hangover, the whole time watching this all i could do was play both his characters and know that nothing has changed... Matthew Weiner did something i never thought was even possible and that's giving new life to Zach Galifianakis and his character ( have to see the movie to believe it folks ). Amy Poehler is known for her crazy humor from the SNL days and co-hosting the Golden Globes with Tina Fey, somehow her humor frizzled quicker than fast drying paint. This isn't your over the top comedy filled with endless gags and memorable scenes, it's mostly a dramedy that will have you doing other things while it plays.

Justin S (fr) wrote: hey this is probably the best David Lynch movie

Kambria S (ag) wrote: Strange movie...but as usual Ryan Renolds takes his shirt off.

Bruno L (de) wrote: Really good. It was a delightful movie for several reasons: acting, costume, music, humorous scenes.

Jasper T (fr) wrote: La distribution - Audrey Tautou, Samuel Le Bihan, Isabelle Carr, Sophie Guillemin, lodie NavarreLe ralisateur - Laetitia Colombani commencer avec une mlodie d'amour vibrante et innocent, le film la folie pas du tout certainement ne doit pas, comme un film de drame psychologique. Avec un haut degr d'efficacit, Colombani rvle le ct sombre de l'amour et elle examine la maladie d'rotomanie. Le film dpeint l'histoire d'un tudiant des Beaux-Arts (Anglique) et son engouement avec un cardiologue mari (Dr. Loc Le Garrec). Ce thriller est vraiment un chef-d'ouvre. L'inclusion d'Audrey Tautou souligne l'innocence suppose du personnage, Anglique. Cependant, le personnage Anglique est loin d'tre un ange. Aussi, je pense Audrey Tautou est un acteur qui est motionnellement adepte; en consquence, Anglique semblait tre un personnage bien dfini. En dpit d'tre un film charmant, la folie pas du tout prsente l'amour comme quelque chose qui est goste et volatile, plutt que d'tre une motion qui est noble et doux. En substance, j'aime le message du film : l'amour ne faut pas le sous-estimer et comme tout, l'amour peut se transformer en une illusion nfaste. Pourtant, le film n'est pas parfait. Par exemple, les scnes jusqu' ce que le suicide d'Anglique peuvent tre droutantes. Je pensais que les scnes antrieures son suicide ont t principalement inexpliques. J'ai seulement commenc comprendre l'intrigue lorsque le film a chang au point de vue de Loc Le Garrec. En outre, les personnages sont des reprsentations de dessins anims de bien et de mal; ils ne sont pas des personnages aux multiples facettes. la fin du film, ma haine est dirige vers Anglique et Loc est videmment la victime. Malgr que le rebondissement tait prvisible, il tait rus et intressant. Malgr les dfauts du film, je dois applaudir Colombani d'enquter sur le lien entre l'amour et l'obsession; aprs tout, il s'agit d'un sujet sensible. Essentiellement, le film est un puzzle avec une touche d'humour noir. C'est assurment un thriller romantique qui a attir mon intrt, du dbut jusqu' la fin.Mon verdict : 7.5/10

Roselyn L (it) wrote: I love all works from this girl... i assumed that this one can like to me! I want to see ya

JH K (nl) wrote: Una especie de Show de Truman de bajo presupuesto, pero mucho menos ambicioso y mas creible, pudo anticipar la locura de los realities y quiza eso le de cierto credito pasado el tiempo, pero en su momento, ampliamente mediocre.

Nina S (de) wrote: I can't explain why Max Ophuls, a director without guile, is the perfect choice to direct stories by the cynical Maupassant. Perhaps it's because he understands how an appreciation of pleasure insulates you from irony.

Cindy (ca) wrote: not his best... but a little funny at some parts...