Tu pa tam

Tu pa tam

Four local boys borrow a lot of money from the local mafia. Incompedent as they are, they loose the money. They have to think of infinite ways to earn and return the amount. In seven days...

Four local boys borrow a lot of money from the local mafia. Incompedent as they are, they loose the money. They have to think of infinite ways to earn and return the amount. In seven days... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Teresa R (br) wrote: Fun and entertaining. The young actors in this film are great and funny!

Brad W (jp) wrote: What happens when the angry young man grows up to be the last angry old man? (Besides Dick Cheney that is.) Well, in this case he's a multiple award winning writer of various genres that champions literature, intelligence and morals. He challenges you to be the best you can be, but does all of this in the most antagonizing way possible. If you're OK with that kind of confrontation at every turn, then this is the guy for you. Watch as Robin Williams, Neil Gaiman, Dan Simmons and Tom Snyder relate stories and occassionally get Harlan to answer questions. Here's my problem with the film: I'm too close to the subject matter. I've been an Ellison fan since 8th grade. There's plenty of amazing stories about this guy and his writing. At 100 mins. this seems thin to me. On the other hand, if you're just getting people interested in him, maybe enough is covered to pique their curiousity. It seems there's plenty of things that are glossed over or not mentioned at all. (But some things might require more rights clearances than the budget would allow.) I can only hope that this works on neophytes to his output and brings them in for a read. If it does, then the film requires an even higher rating than I gave it.

Kevin F (kr) wrote: average film nothing has cool as hills have eyes

Chelsea S (nl) wrote: wow, how amazing to hear the same jokes they always tell a million more times! no thank you..

Michael O (ru) wrote: Why is it that the poets of cinema are so drawn to stories of murders in love on the run? Is it the open road or the poetry of blood? Is it a harbored desire to be devil may care runaways themselves? This may or may not be the case with Malick's BADLANDS (who watches from afar with delicate eyes) yet I'm certain Arturo Ripstein truly believes in the relationship between the carnality of homicide and the anarchy of love. It's my own interpretation but I think he would secretly want this in some dark corner of his mind.Perhaps this is why he tells the story with such great cinematic narrative. What better reason? His camera never dares sit still, so when it moves, it moves slowly. It takes it's time to take to take us from image to image, chronicling each encounter, until the titled destiny arrives like a fairy tale godmother.The connection with DEEP CRIMSON and a Grimm fairy tale may only be because Ripstein's name reminds me of a gothic creature of some sort and that's as great a compliment as I could give a filmmaker of this sort. He's on par with an Lynch or an Altman, or in other words, a filmmaker with a curious tone that makes you question where the line is drawn between the filmmakers' artistic musings and their own true desires.

Kevin M W (gb) wrote: instead of the usual first person perspective of stevenson's jekyll/hyde saga, herein the action is viewed from the eyes of a possibly abused country servant girl, well played by julia roberts (the absolute best i've ever seen her). moody atmospherics and a paced timing - not to mention the interesting "my boyfriend is a drug addict" underpinnings - add to the classic horror feel of this and malkovich? ... born to play this role: cool, detached and bored as hell as jekyll; passionate, violent and out-of-control as hyde.

SENT 4RM HEVEN l (es) wrote: really charming movie

David S (us) wrote: "We can use our boobs to kill zombies" was an actual line from this flick. Hahahaha.This cheesy, CHESSY, zombie movie had it's share of moments. But gradually grew tiresome and stale. They needed to shorten it a bit in order to make it goofy fraternity fare on weekends. Not terrible, not good.

Kevin R (us) wrote: I'm not used to being accused of murder.A woman thinks she witnesses a murder and immediately calls the police. The police and a detective come immediately to her and listen to her story. Her story has so many holes the concept of a murder having actually taken place seems unlikely. The detective tries to meet with her regularly to hear her thoughts and make sure she is okay, but her persistence in pursuing the case may lead to her needing mental help. "It could be worse tomorrow.""That's what I am afraid of."Roy Rowland, director of Meet me in Las Vegas, The 5,000 Fingers of Dr. T, Our Vines Have Tender Grapes, Man Called Gringo, and The Moonlighter, delivers Witness to Murder. The storyline for this picture is worthwhile and a little like Rear Window. The acting was very good and the cast includes Barbara Stanwyck, George Sanders, Gary Merrill, and Juanita Moore."I have nothing to fear from you. You're insane."I came across this on Turner Classic Movies (TCM) and decided to DVR it. This was a good movie and was well paced. Stanwyck delivers a solid lead performance. While this is entertaining, it isn't a classic or as good as several Hitchcock films released in this era of a similar feel. "All fixations are pretense."Grade: C+/B-