Tucker and Dale vs Evil

Tucker and Dale vs Evil

Two hillbillies are suspected of being killers by a group of paranoid college kids camping near the duo's West Virginian cabin. As the body count climbs, so does the fear and confusion as the college kids try to seek revenge against the pair.

Two lovable West Virginian hillbillies, are headed to their "fixer-upper" vacation cabin to drink some beer, do some fishin', and have a good time. But when they run into a group of preppy college kids who assume from their looks that they must be in-bred, chainsaw wielding killers, Tucker & Dale's vacation takes a bloody & hilarious turn for the worse. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Tucker and Dale vs Evil torrent reviews

Maria B (it) wrote: Exactly what I thought it would be. A feel-good movie about underdogs in Indian Country who play Lacrosse. Loved the game-action scenes.

Josh A (ag) wrote: This is essentially meta-Hatchet, as it's now becoming a spoof of itself. It's rife with in-references, and a bunch of horror veterans join the cast. The plot really isn't a whole lot different from that of the second installment, and, of course, the element of mystery that surrounded Crowley in the original has long since faded. The cavalcade of hilariously fake gore also continues, although it's now totally expected. The movie has to fall back on its menacing and seemingly invulnerable villain as well as the continual humor. It's a decent continuation of the previous two, but it pretty much just offers more of the same.

Beni M (us) wrote: Sweet film without much of the typical bad acting gay films. Pleasant surprise!

Alex G (br) wrote: I really enjoyed this film. It was a very well done mystery with a bizarre twin peaks feel to it. Thomas Haden does a great job.

Rob H (au) wrote: I really enjoyed watching the movie, I really wish the schools in the uk were like Suid Afrikan schools.

Mike F (ag) wrote: This was one of the best movies I've seen in a long time. Coming from a background of Psychology, it was enjoyable to watch a movie that depicted how feeble our memories are. Our realities are an amalgamation of our memories. Even while your reading this, your brain is using your memory to categorize the words and give meaning to what you see.I can understand how the story line could be confusing if you're not expecting it to change and jump all over the place.

Andy J (kr) wrote: 4 1/2 because it needs just a touch more music. A must-see for any fan, casual or otherwise.

Jacob D (ru) wrote: Not even Cerina Vincent's big boobs can save this monstrosity (the movie, not the creature) from hitting rock bottom. Oh, and it does--hard. But something is left to be appreciated--such as the not-so-bad monster effects, Dominic Zamprogna's mediocre acting, Cerina Vincent's out-of-place hotness, and a cliche plot with tons of well-made gore. The vague semblance to "Predator" is there, but not to the point that it matters. This movie was a dull ride for me at most times, but towards the end it was just fun to see what happened next, and how Cerina's dreadful acting could somehow save the day.

Lauren P (es) wrote: It needs multiple viewings to understand it, and then I'm not sure I would totally get it. But I think there is something engrossing and demanding about it. I couldn't tear myself away and it has a great performance from Giovanni Ribisi. I would only recommend it those with a passion for indie filmmaking though!

Paul D (br) wrote: Takes a bit to get going but once the child is resurrected it does get fairly creepy.

Scott R (de) wrote: A truly enjoyable romance film that happens to be about sports.

Private U (ru) wrote: truffaut directing and starring himself in this tale about a wild child that was found around toulouse in 1799 and which apparently had grown up in the wild for years. insightful movie on what it means to be human.

Jamin M (kr) wrote: 101 Dalmatians is Disney movie that I don't think is that great, but there are things I really like. The animation is pretty good and the characters are likeable. I loved that they really managed to animate all those spots. The story doesn't have as much charm as something like Lady and the Tramp, but it's fine. I absolutely love dogs. The puppies are soooo cute. I didn't want to see those precious little dears get hurt. I enjoy Pongo and Perdita's determination to get their puppies back, and I like Sergeant Tibs. Jasper and Horace are entertaining bubbling sidekicks. But we all know the redeeming factor of the film is Cruella DeVil. She is so dang entertaining. She's so crazy, funny and and so freaking determined to get those puppies. I love her design and the voice acting for her is spot on. The climax of the movie is really fun with this crazy car chase. I guess the major problems I have with the film are that while I do like Pongo and Perdita, I don't find them as engaging as Lady and Tramp, and as I've stated, the story isn't as charming as Lady and the Tramp's. 101 Dalmatians isn't phenomenal, but with good animation, adorable puppies, a fun villain, and good sense of adventure, 101 Dalmatians is a cute, charming Disney classic. l'm happy to own it on Platinum Edition.

H C (us) wrote: Strictly B-movie boredom. I watched it for Cyd Charisse, but even she had a forgettable role and performance. Pass.

Underrated Movie R (mx) wrote: I really want to find it and watch it. Any film Walt made, I have to see.

Jesse S (ca) wrote: Oh my gosh this movie was terrible. Overacting and ridiculous situations take. From how many movies? The director forgot to cut the terrible scenes. Terrible.

Lee M (de) wrote: A remarkably assured -- and unfailingly attractive looking -- look at the life of a young woman in 1897 Australia. A seminal part of Australian cinema.