Tuff Turf

Tuff Turf

The new guy (James Spader) in a Los Angeles high school does some singing and fights a hotshot (Paul Mones) over a disco dancer (Kim Richards).

The movie follows Morgan, a troubled teenagerwho is new in the town. Morgan struggles to make friends, and he find himself in troubles when he pursues Frankie, whose boyfriend Nick is the leader of a local gang. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Gary M (au) wrote: Giant snake movies = awesome.

Aman A (ca) wrote: It has feeling but is quite a drab. Didn't say I should have expected more but it was so common a movie in its premise and implementation that I felt it was such a waste to spend valuable movie watching time on this.

Tyler B (es) wrote: how do you play movie's

Zack S (fr) wrote: Nope. Beautifully shot but very boring western. DO not waste a rental on this one.

Salix A (kr) wrote: I have to say that this muct be one of the worst things I have seen in a while. So many times when I think it can't possibly get any worse, it's amplified. By the way the house on the cover picture is nowhere in this. I'm not even calling it a film, it doesn't deserve that. Pathetic plot, acting, characters, and I especially give the lowest words to the pornography. I wasted a bit too much of my life on this crap. Don't do the same.

Timm S (ag) wrote: Not As Well Done As Oliver Stone's "Any Given Sunday" But The True Story Thing Gives It Good Gravitass. There Is A Few Good Performances. It Drifts A Couple Of Different Ways In Terms Of Story & Kinda Loses It's Key Focus At Times..Nothing Too Serious, But It Does Take Away Given A Long Running Time.

Kat W (ru) wrote: Not as good as the first one still.

Jim A (de) wrote: Even compared with other lame direct to video crap Disney shits on kids this one is God awful. I know since it was aimed at a gender and age demographic different than myself but I like to really hope even young girls deserve better then this lazy story free turd that has nothing happening whatsoever

Andr D (it) wrote: "Wet Hot American Summer" es una maravillosa comedia que nos devuelve a esa extraa y pattica dcada de los 80, con el mismo cario y cuidado que lo hizo "The Wedding Singer" y con unas actuaciones muy divertidas por parte de Janeane Garofalo, Amy Poehler, Bradley Cooper, y Michael Ian Black, entre otros.

j c (nl) wrote: Photographing Fairies is a sci fi/ fantasy film set in the early 1900's exploring the idea behind the cottingly fairy hoax. The story is about a young photographer named Charles Castle who looses his wife soon after they are married, and of course he is lost in his grief. He goes off to war and is employed as a photographer in the trenches, and after the war he is still consumed with death as we see him cut and paste photos of dead soldiers into new photos of their loved ones for a living. One day he finds himself at a supernatural convention of sorts and comes upon a lecture of a man telling people of the cottingly photographs and supporting the existence of faeries because of them. Charles then proceeds to interrupt the man, telling him that there is no way the photos can be real, both from a photographers perspectives and as one who has lost faith with all things the eye cannot see. The character of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle makes an appearance in the film, as he was a supporter of the photos, even though he wasn't so supportive of them in the film. So, after attending the lecture, a woman comes to his studio and shows him some photographs that were supposedly of a real faerie standing on her daughter's outstretched hand. Of course Charles doesn't believe this any more than he believed the Cottingly story, but after closer inspection he finds that there is something not quite right about the photo and goes off to find the woman and ask her about it. The woman lives in the countryside with her husband, a pastor, their two daughters, and the governess for the girls. He finds the woman and tells her that he may believe her story, but she just smiles at him and tells him that the photograph doesn't matter anymore because she has seen them. The details after this point I will not go into because that is where the real mystery lies. Charles struggles throughout the movie with his wife's death and cannot seem to get beyond the hold it has on him. Maybe because of this he has lost all faith in an after world or possibilities of another world within ours, until of course he goes in search of the faeries. When he does find a way to see them (whether or not he's hallucinating is debatable) he clings to this connection ferociously and uses this to try to get in touch with his wife. At the end he is somewhat set free of this, and embarks on an adventure of sorts. This is not a film for children, or if a child does see it, it should be monitored by a parent. There is both nudity and death in the film, and though neither appear in excess, I would say this is a 14 and up movie.

Mike B (kr) wrote: Terrible. RIP Peter Sellers.

Manuel S (es) wrote: Starts off well but loses steam once Columbus returns to America on the 2nd trip as Scott tragically tampers with historical accuracy and greatly romanticizes Columbus as an unwilling "good guy". To make matters worse every Columbus antagonists grows increasingly cartoonish (specially one dimensional bad guy Wincott). Like many natives one wishes he had stopped at the end of the first trip.

Abby W (fr) wrote: Kingdom of the Spiders I believe was a terrible movie. I understand that it was made a while ago, but the idea of it was so unrealistic and stupid, I am not very sure what feelings I was supposed to feel while watching it. I mean was I supposed to feel scared? I was just laughing the whole movie. I did not enjoy this movie for many reasons. First off I hate when movie have credits in the beginning, especially this entrance, it was like 5 minutes long! Also the entrance music sounded awful, after watching the movie I don't think it matched with it at all. Then watching it I think the actors were terrible, and I thought that there were a lot of "awkward scenes" for example when he stops on the highway and jumps with the women into her Camaro ( I didn't like it), and the clothing looked awful. Next you could tell how fake everything was, from the spiders, to the special effects, and the people covered in webs. I know that the theme was protecting the environment and everything because all of the stuff that happened back then, but this movie was completely and utterly unrealistic. I also think that the ending was terrible because it left you hanging! Although this movie was terrible made, I found some scenes humorous. Best performances were the spiders. I wouldn't recommend this movie to anyone to watch if you want to scare yourself, but if you're looking for a good laugh watch this movie.

Stef B (ag) wrote: Say what you want about Mario Bava, I'm enamored. His incredible style gives me a raging nerd boner. I'm always in awe when I watch his movies, regardless of the content. I love how the killer seems almost animated and comedic in this one, like a cat burglar with a money satchel, tiptoeing around.

Kevin R (it) wrote: You don't play me. I play you!Ronald 'Strike" Dunham is a young drug pusher in the streets of Brooklyn that is on the sauce himself. One of his friends and colleagues is mysteriously gunned down at gun point. An ambitious detective wants nothing more than to bring down the man responsible for the killing. He finds Ronald an easy, soft target to find the murderer. The Detective will have to convince Ronald it is in his best interest to help him out, and Ronald will need to prove to the detective he's going to turn his life around and come off the sauce if he doesn't want to go down with the killer."You got any chocolate mousse?""No, we ain't got no damn chocolate mousse. This is a bar, man."Spike Lee, director of Inside Man, Do the Right Thing, 25th Hour, Malcolm X, Miracle at St. Anna, Old Boy, Summer of Sam, She Hate Me, and He Got Game, delivers Clockers. The storyline for this picture is above average and fun to watch unfold. I would say this is a better than average cop drama with decent dialogue and solid acting. The cast includes Harvey Keitel, John Turturro, Mekhi Phifer, Delroy Lindo, Keith David, Regina Taylor, Fredro Starr, Sticky Fingers, and Pee Wee Love. "I wouldn't want you to not talk intelligently."Clockers is a movie I found fairly entertaining and fun to watch unfold. This wasn't a classic for sure but I will say it was entertaining and the plot was interesting. Overall, I would recommend watching this film once, as this is an above average addition to the genre, but this isn't a must own or in the same category as Inside Man or Miracle at St. Anna."Homo-o-cide."Grade: B-

Robby R (mx) wrote: Cassavetes' characters are as crazy as ever in this hard-to-see film about chaotic love. Seems a little derivative, but the craziness on display is refreshing. Gotta see it again.

Billy S (ag) wrote: Surprisingly a very good and unique western.