Tujhe Nahin Chhodunga

Tujhe Nahin Chhodunga


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Tujhe Nahin Chhodunga torrent reviews

Kenneth L (fr) wrote: Pretty smart for such a dumb movie.

Grami Tami N (au) wrote: Love Christine Baransky... Even though her part was small, she was hysterical.

Qayla C (ru) wrote: This movie was so hiliarious I could watch it almost evert day

leah r (de) wrote: Ok! Monsieur Hire is Patrice Leconte's first film released by Orion Classics and it is truly a wonderful film. It stars Michel Blanc as Monsieur Hire he is a quiet, and lonely man who has just been accused of murder just because he is strange but that is not the main storyline. The main story line is that he secretly stares at a women played by Sandrine Bonaire and he is falling in love with her. But when she finds out he has been watching her she pays a visit to him but then she might be falling in love with him. Now this is a truly wonderful film. Look i am starting to repeat myself but this film has two great stars and i hope you guys like it

Kristyn F (br) wrote: I remember watching this from an old tape we had when HBO was still Home Box Office.... Jerry Reed and Dom Deluise hit the streets of Miami to rope in criminals as part of a Fencing operation run by the cops. Suzanne Pleshette is terrific as Louise, the female cop taping it all behind a mirror!

Jillian S (es) wrote: So creepy and entertaining!!!!

Miguel A (gb) wrote: No primeiro filme em que Charlie Kaufman acumula as funes de realizador e argumentista, era mais que natural encontrarmos um dos seus contos existencialistas levado a limites incrdulos nunca antes vistos. "Synecdoche, New York" no s garante essa experincia pela mo de um dos mais excntricos autores do cinema actual, como tambm consegue fazer com que a sua segunda metade seja uma sova de ideias e intenes, que deixam cansada qualquer cabea que procure retirar sentido de tudo o que est a ver. Dificilmente algum absorve por inteiro "Synecdoche, New York" primeira vez (este alis um filme talvez demasiado selvagem para ser dominado por inteiro). Podemos apenas desconfiar que Charlie Kaufman se divertiu como nunca vida ao montar o seu jogo de reflexos at ao ponto de nos deixar de tal forma baralhados, que o melhor ir curtindo "Synecdoche, New York" aos poucos pelas suas qualidades de cinema delirante (adoro a casa constantemente em chamas). Ao leme de um elenco satisfatrio, Seymour Hoffman ergue-se com o barco de gigantes propores (quase Arca de No) e afunda-se tambm com ele, quando o filme comea a apostar fortemente no trabalho de maquilhagem e numas quantas solues sentimentais "The Truman Show".

John S (de) wrote: Unlike other recent Adam Sandler movies, this one does not leave you wishing for the hours of your life back.

Kurt M (mx) wrote: An impressive horror film as well as one of the better anime titles. The soundtrack is excellent, and although the story does not measure up to the visuals, it's worth viewing.

Bobby N (us) wrote: Beautiful and well acted, Atonement is a very good film although it wasn't the emotional heavyweight I had expected (although an interruption in my viewing could have lead to that fault)