Tukso si Charito 2

Tukso si Charito 2


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Nathan M (it) wrote: Thanks to a fantastic cast and some really good moments, About Alex is able to transcend a script that could have used some rewrites. The film acts like it has a lot to say, but it really doesn't, and at times it is way too repetitive. However, it is one of the better, "old friends get together and learn life lessons after a 'death' experience" that I've seen lately.

Tyson P (de) wrote: you have to understand that this movie was made to look like the video game and hopefuly didnt want to be taken to seriously. Its a little fun to watch

Gwenllian D (au) wrote: Beautiful film about the colourful lives of people outside the big Iranian cities.

Bryanne C (br) wrote: um, Martin Donovan is very cute and annoying in this movie. the dialogue is so good, though, and Sofie in the bookstore. I like the bartender's line.

Melissa G (nl) wrote: I love this movie. I scare myself everytime, because I do not clowns, I think this is the reason it all started. I watched this movie when I was like twelve. Me and clowns have never been the same.

Tatsuhito K (fr) wrote: A great film that I admire rather than I like or enjoy. Dustin Hoffman is absolutely terrific as Raymond and Tom Cruise is, surprisingly, on a par as Ray's younger brother. There are a couple of genuinely touching and funny moments, and I absolutely adore the scenes that happen in Las Vegas (from the black jack montage to the dance between Hoffman and Cruise. They are good stuff); but for the most part I found the film to be frustrating, partly because I could feel Charlie's frustration that comes from taking care of his autistic brother and seeing that on screen (whether it's at the movie or on your laptop) is not particularly fun. Maybe it was meant to be that way and if that's the case, well, it does a great job at that. Wonderfully directed by Barry Levinson (I wish he could make a movie like this again instead of dull "The Humbling" or very unfortunate "What Just Happened?") and superbly acted, Rain Man is flawed and not exactly my cup of tea, but I agree that this is a really good movie.

Gabe S (es) wrote: I want to go to there.

Jayakrishnan R (fr) wrote: 83% Saw this on 29/06/2013 Dragonheart is one of the finest classics that are unseen by most. This film just has one of the most engaging visuals that were made during the 1980s. Dennis Quaid is just great in his role. The comedy element in this film was surprising and the graphics are still good. But anyway, David Thewlis gives an awful performance. The chemistry b/w Quaid and the dragon is great and it makes the movie moving.

James L (fr) wrote: Wishful fairytale goodness for the whole family.

Alejandro E (it) wrote: Un primerizo Di Caprio en un drama madre-hijo sin desperdicio . sobre el como sobrellevar la pubertad y la adolescencia bajo la sombra de un padrastro republicano, abusivo y castrante. De Niro tambien hace un buen trabajo, e intenten localizar a Tobey "SpiderMan" Maguire.

David S (it) wrote: Entertaining movie...