Asa, a young and cheerful dreamer, returns from his Russian naval service to his sister’s nomadic family on the desolate Hunger Steppe of central Asia, so that he can begin his own life as a shepherd. But before he can tend a flock of his own, Asa must first win the hand of the only eligible girl for miles, his mysterious neighbor - Tulpan.

On the steppes of Kazakhstan, Asa lives in a yurt with his sister Samal, her husband Ondas, and their three children. Ondas is a herdsman, tough and strong. It's dry, dusty, and windy; too ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Tulpan torrent reviews

Mayank F (de) wrote: saurabh shukla fans hv plenty to go in for, but people looking for a good movie may hv to pick better options.

Michal G (au) wrote: Un excellent film de catastrophe virale, dans la ligne de Contagion. Vraiment excellent, et qui ne trane pas en route.

Edward C (ag) wrote: The Expendables 3(2014)Starring: Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Jet Li, Dolph Lundgren, Terry Crews, Wesley Snipes, Antonio Banderas, Harrison Ford, Kelsey Grammer, Mel Gibson and Arnold Schwarzenegger.Directed By: Patrick HughesReviewI never thought that going boom, boom, boom and bang would be so boring with these guys. It's your standard action flick but not at all memorable or worth mentioning when saying the names of such great action stars. If you want to see a good action flick starring any of these great action stars watch one of their old action flicks you may have. You will be bored with this.It's the same the same thing as the last expendables movie good guys vs. bad guys, no plot what so ever but there was no fun to back that up. This time around they got Mel Gibson as the villain who was one of the expendables until presumed dead and I guess wants revenge.You should not waste your time with this boring video game gun fest. Half the time I felt like I was cinematic for a video game. They even make a new expendables team which could of worked had everyone done a lot more in the end then what I expected. I mean you get all ten heroic badasses and only six of them are doing cool stuff. What mostly disappoints is that they were some of my favorites like Arnold, Ford, and Li. Which sucks.Much like the first two has an awesome all star action cast, tons of explosions, but the problem is that it's two hours long and doesn't deliver the potential goods from everyone. I give The Expendables 3 a two out of five.

Dave P (ag) wrote: It's got a plot, it's got an unpleasant application of a vacuum cleaner, it's packed full of Computer Generated Incredible and there's even some acting in a couple places.Amazing.

Demetris G (jp) wrote: Great cast, great actors, one if the best Hallmark movies I have seen

Astrid T (it) wrote: i want to see the movie

Chelsy H (it) wrote: I liked it because it shows us some new facts about what was happening in Jerusalem immediately after the resurrection of Christ, & it's good to realize these facts...

Liam H (br) wrote: I will tell you how to enjoy this movie. I am a Scotsman myself and for that reason I supported the scottish people in it who were fighting back. Then those people became so horrible I fell back in line with supporting the main characters again. This movie tries to give you a bit of everything: futuristic meets, ye olde world, familiar action elements from a range of movies and still holds the plot together surprisingly well. However it does tail off towards the end and the worst parts unfortunately are reserved for the end.

Bonnie C (fr) wrote: Quite an experience, very mildly put. The movie starts jaw-dropping opening scenes. However as the movie progresses, these characters each tell his or her own story that I couldn't help myself but empathize with them all. What a brave and challenging movie this is for director as well as for all cast in the movie.

Donna L (jp) wrote: Enjoyed this movie. It wasn't a big suspense, but worth watching.

Alex B (ca) wrote: Not the best for Nicholson, Streep, or Babenco, but a nice slow slog through guilt and despair set in 1938 NY.

Sylvester K (au) wrote: One of the best giallos out there, definitely the finest and the most psychologically intriguing one. It's not hard to guess who the killer(s) were/was but it's still highly entertaining. Very gory indeed, it has one of the best axe murder scenes.

Eduardo C (it) wrote: Scorsese's masterpiece is about small-time hood gangsters in 1973 "Little Italy" in NYC. They are so small time they have to make weekly payments to a made Mafia man. Harvey Keitel's character is internally torn between his "Devil" status as a gangster, and his secret desire ( expressed through a narration of his thoughts) to be an "Angel". He is like a split personality and thus, takes it upon himself to watch over and save "Johnny Boy" , his distant cousin and protg who is also a hood just like him due to Keitel having vouched for him. Robert De Niro gives an incendiary spectacular performance as Johnny Boy, a nihilistic self destructive gangster who has gambling addiction and seemingly does not care about anything, not even himself though he seems to respect Keitel. Keitel keeps getting threatened because of his devotion to Johnny boy, because Johnny Boy starts to not make his weekly payments and gets more and more hostile to the made Mafia man. Johnny Boy gets wilder and more and more out of control but Keitel never stops trying to "save" him.

ine N (de) wrote: Hilarious, brilliant, classic!

Tony P (ca) wrote: A perfect funny family fun movie!

Emod L (kr) wrote: 35%Its violence and quotes may be cool, but all in all this is a dull fantasy adventure.