Tum Bin 2

Tum Bin 2

The film centers around the life of Taran, who loses her fiance Amar in a skiing accident. Her life changes when she meets Shekhar, who has seen the best and worst of times. The story explores old friendship, newfound love and a difficult decision.

The movie centers around the life of Tara, who loses her fiance Amar in a skiing accident. Her life changes when she meets Shekhar, who helps Taran get on with her life. His companionship heals her wounds and almost mends her broken heart, until fate comes knockingā€¦ . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Peter M (kr) wrote: Road trip movies are my favourite kinds of movies and whenever Johnsons Family Vactaion is airing on your television or when it is on the DVD or VCR rack for a low price, its a must buy, Although it would be worth alot more money of they were pricing them on critics reveiws

Jesse T (kr) wrote: Hits one predictable plot point after another until its rather sudden conclusion.

Marah R (us) wrote: Emotional drama of self discovery and nonconformity with great performances and a truly heartwarming moral to the story.

Aaron E (us) wrote: Bold, brash and dark - is what Godfather part 2 was to The Godfather in it's own modest budget, slasher Maniac Cop way.

Patryk C (ag) wrote: Truly a weird and crazy, yet smart and hilarious, black comedy about a couple of women and how they lives intersect in a most bizarre, and even tragic, way. Almodovar created a fantastically proper art house flick that may be called a screwball. Those sneaky women doing god-knows-what with god-know-who and bringing vendettas on one another - that's pretty remarkable. And I bet you won't forget Rossy de Palma's performance, or better yet, her face.

Benjamin E (au) wrote: The main reason I watched this movie again, the first time is when it came out, was Peter O'Toole. I have grown to enjoy a lot of his work in the last few years, so I thought, lets take a look at an 80's flick. Creator is about a University Professor, played by O'Toole, who is trying to re-create his dead wife. In other words, clone her. He is the resident genius, and David Ogden Stiers plays his foil. Vincent Spano plays Boris (clever), his lab assisstant. Mariel Hemingway plays a girl who donates an egg and falls in love with Harry Wolper (O'Toole). It is also a very early performance by Virginia madsen, who at this point, her only major works were Electric Dreams & Dune. It is fun, it is frivolous. As with many things when looking at them through the eyes of an adult, I did find one major flaw with the plot. Even if Prof. Wolper did re-grow his dead wife, it wouldn't be her. He was regrowing her body, but not her mind. A clone would have different life experiences than the original, therefore, it would have a different personality. From what I saw, he wasn't using any rapid aging for the clone either, which means, he would have continued to age as she did, therefore, making it even more impossible for them to be together. Anyway, I digress. It is still a nice movie. If you have a chance, check it out.

Tim S (fr) wrote: Francis Ford Coppola's greatest box office failure, One From the Heart, is anything but a failure. Sure it has some pacing issues, but my goodness is it extraordinary to look at. Shot entirely at Zoetrope Studios, the film is a marvel to look at. All $26 million dollars is definitely there on screen. Everyone gives marvelous performances, the sets are spectacular, the costumes are wonderful, the cinematography and lighting are exquisite and, as always, the direction is strong. It's in the writing where the movie fails really. It isn't that it's bad, it's just that a story of this type isn't really for everyone. In a lot of ways it reminds me of films like Moulin Rouge! in terms of style. This film seems to set the standard for that kind of grand tapestry of filmmaking, but I didn't understand that until now. The music and the choreography is marvelous, of course. The former courtesy of Tom Waits, who was nominated for an Oscar for his work. The film is very bluesy, and probably not one that I'll watch too many times in my life, but I soaked it in and enjoyed it for what it was. It's not for everyone, but if you're looking for filmmaking on a grand scale at its finest, look no further. Francis Ford Coppola may fail, but he fails enormously, and well. Definitely check it out if your'e a film fan.

Ryan G (au) wrote: It's a stunning and edgy film with amazing camerawork and terrific acting. Gary Cooper was rarely better.

Scott R (es) wrote: more than a bit over the top but Gere is as likeable as ever

Hashim H (mx) wrote: Not since Carpenter's Halloween has the frame been used this ingeniously, potent, primal and genuinely frightening.10/10

Jesse K (us) wrote: 4/5 It's just what I was expecting...and I'm still not entirely sure what that is.