Tum Karo Vaada

Tum Karo Vaada

After young Raj, who lives with his widowed mom, Rama, writes to jailed inmate St. Michael about how to escape from a maximum security prison, Michaels escapes, and decides to make Raj his ...

After young Raj, who lives with his widowed mom, Rama, writes to jailed inmate St. Michael about how to escape from a maximum security prison, Michaels escapes, and decides to make Raj his ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Octavian (fr) wrote: Warning:White supremacy White entitlementWhite privilege & denial thereofBombingMisogynyRacismAbuse of sex workersRapeRape cultureSexual objectification of womenExtreme violence against womenFirearmsWomen as a resourceAnti-female sexualityThis sounds like I would have to yell at it. Yuuuuup.

Carl N (ca) wrote: To say that this film is un-original would be the understatement of the year. It is obvious from the very first frame of this what is going to happen. You can pick the characters that are going to die. Which character is going to survive And most importantly of all which character is going to show her breasts. Ok you can say that about 90% of horror films but it would have been nice to have a surprise or two. Sadly this is unashamed cash in on films like Wrong Turn and Hills have eyes. Only nowhere near as good. And that should tell you something. Chris Jericho of WWE wrestling fame is the only big name in this. I am very surprised he was in it because it?s such a pile of garbage. Don't waste your time.

Amanda H (ru) wrote: Sadly enough, if this movie had been the sad ripoff of Mean Girls I expected it to be, it would have been better. It tries way too hard to be more mature and witty than it is, and the acting is completely juvenile. With different actors and better production it could possibly have been half decent, but really there wasn't much hope for it right from the start.

Lisa K (mx) wrote: An awful piece of trash that falls short in every aspect... so mad that I actually spent money on this dvd.... the acting makes porn look like shakespeare

Javier F (ru) wrote: Cae en tpicos, pero demuestra ser divertida y completamente apta para toda la familia.

Diana E (nl) wrote: Vale la pena verla,mi pelicula china favorita hermosa, sencilla y simplemente cautivadora

Brianna C (it) wrote: If you liked the first one this is another must see. Julian Sands provides a great performance and a momentary all-nude scene *dances* for his fans.

Eric H (jp) wrote: Some have called it a precursor to T-2, or simply the prototype for all techno-dystopian genre films to come. All that is perhaps a bit overstated, but cult UK director Richard Stanley's thinking-man's midnight movie -- which centers on a sentient, homicidal robot terrorizing residents in a futuristic slum (and features a hunky, young Dylan McDermott with a bionic arm!) -- has some cheap thrills, shocking gore, machine-on-human innuendo to rival Demon Seed and an underlying message not out of step with acclaimed predecessors like They Live. But mostly, Dylan McDermott with a bionic arm.

Matthew D (br) wrote: The story is ridiculousness, but the film seem to be very much aware of it's own goofiness and it's refreshing to see Seagal not taking himself too seriously. The action scenes are top-notch! Recommended.

Roman L (fr) wrote: Very depressive movie about a girl with a dead end life. After watching it I want to go to the kitchen, get a bottle of vodka and drink it all straight... If someone thinks their life sucks, they should watch this one to realize how it would be when life would REALLY suck.

temi d (nl) wrote: havnt seen it but i will recomend it 2 anyone

Wahida K (jp) wrote: Inpsite of all similar movies out there. I watched it, tiny bit different.

Moya W (es) wrote: I really didn't know much before watching this one. I was expecting more a mediocre romantic comedy but this is more of a drama. A drama about love and acceptance and fear. Love for someone that you're not supposed to love. Learning to accept people for who they are. Fear of opening up to your parents and showing your true colours. This movie takes up important subjects but my problem with it was its credibility. I didn't really believe in Katherine Heigl and Alexis Bledel as an in love lesbian couple. I didn't quite believe in Tom Wilkinson and Linda Emond as the homophobic conservative parents. I felt that I didn't quite believe in the acting and I didn't quite believe in the screenplay. I still ended up enjoying the movie and there were moments when I felt very emotional just because I hated the parents in this movie. Because I hate people like them. They are the opposite of everything I stand for. The problem is that this movie could have been even better. If only everyone who made this movie happen had played their cards right.