Tum Mile

Tum Mile

26th July 2005 rang an ominous bell-for most... but admist all the chaos and the tragedy, it reunited two star crossed ex lovers.Two people who meet after a hiatus of 6 years-now occupying different worlds. Evidently, they had moved on...

Two former lovers experience life-threatening floods in Mumbai. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Houguan F (jp) wrote: 1/2?? (R) 3/4?' ??'? "" 1/2?Chok?,, (R)-?,,

Fran C (fr) wrote: Beautiful and moving documentary about a talented and spiritual person. This is Not just for fans of the Beetles. I laughed, cried and was in awe.

Sergel C (kr) wrote: Interesting movie on the proof of Jesus' resurrection.

Armando P (ag) wrote: After watching the film for the 4th time or so, I ended up enjoying it way too much. Snyder films are, in general terms, regular, mediocre movies. But here he can expose his potential and talent for creating visually impacting movies.

Emlyn B (us) wrote: Wow! Monsters and naked babes!Quite possibly the best film ever.

Jermaine H (au) wrote: i loved this movie. it''s kinda disjointed like crash and babel

Master XiYing W (fr) wrote: This film is definitely no "Pow-Wow Highway" and definitely not anything I would pay money to see, but it's worth a look if you can catch it on TV. As a reservation-bred kid myself, I caught a chuckle or two from the Indian Inside Jokes, but I can only scratch my head, wondering if my non-Native brethren could "get" as much as we can. Moreover, while there are plenty of stellar moments, the movie clearly strains too hard to attain profundity and gets bogged down too quickly in a sense of self-importance. Ultimately, the relentless pursuit of DEPTH ends up backfiring: I kept hoping for a giant robot, or a ghost, or a UFO landing to break the monotony, but nope. What you end up with is a forgettable flick praised by liberal, self-flagelating White critics who think this is the best our people can do.

Jennifer W (br) wrote: enjoyable fun for all the family

Robin W (ca) wrote: The reality is not always pretty. Mira nair has shown the slum of bombay in its raw manner this movie can be hard to watch at times as the content is uncomfortable mainly because it involves the life of children who r living in the streets.The way the film begins in a dessert and Sissel provides an exotic and dreamy look to the movie. Acting on the part of the children is impeccable and the story is touching overall full marks to mira nair

Jeff D (ru) wrote: I love this movie it was my favorite movie from this year if not my favorite movie of all time. I have never seen effects this good from an older film such as this I wish I could have been there for the release of it.

Simon L (br) wrote: How this movie didn't make it onto Mystery Science Theater 3000 is a mystery for the ages. The names Arch Hall Jr. & Sr. (Eegah!!) adn Ray Dennis Steckler (The Incredibly Strange Creatures etc.) will echo in the halls of bad moviedom forever.

Al M (br) wrote: Brilliant entry in the pantheon of classic french noirs from the 1960s. Expert directing from Claude Sautet and stellar acting make this a stylish and riveting thriller with constant twists and turns. Not to be missed by noir fans or followers of French cinema.

Ashley H (gb) wrote: I Was a Male War Bride is an amusing film. It is about a French officer with a female American officer. Cary Grant and Ann Sheridan give amazing performances. The screenplay is good but drags a little. Howard Hawks still did a great job directing this movie. I like watching this motion picture because of comedy and romance. I Was a Male War Bride is a must see.

Greg S (es) wrote: A rich widow hears the voice of her dead husband calling, then meets a charming psychic walking on the beach. Coincidence? This quiet, atmospheric movie plays like a film noir commissioned by Val Lewton; slow to get started but it has a reasonably satisfying third act.