The film centres on the experiences of Robert Lawrence MC (played by Colin Firth), an officer of the Scots Guards during the Falklands War of 1982. While fighting at the Battle of Mount Tumbledown, Lawrence is shot in the head by an Argentine sniper, and left paralysed on his left side. He then must learn to adjust to his new disability.

Based on the experiences of Lieutenant Robert Lawrence, M.C.. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Tumbledown torrent reviews

Jacob C (it) wrote: I saw the film and it's absolutely hilarious!

AD V (nl) wrote: I really wanted to like this movie but it dug it's own grave with shoddy camerawork, unsurprising deaths and boring characters. If I had to say something positive...um...well...the mask was pretty cool.

Joanna C (mx) wrote: Great Adventure Movie For The Whole Family. Alex Pettyfer was terrific. =D

Cheryl C (it) wrote: a perfectly enjoyable movie about people getting by, barely, due to miscommunication and missed opportunities.

Ian R (ag) wrote: I have mixed feelings about this movie. It's drastically different from the incredibly thoughtful and intellectual novel that shares its name, but it borrows some of the interesting portions of the novel and wraps them in that Paul Verhoeven satire that is so enjoyable. The serious nature of the original content is at odds with the irony of the film. Despite these conflicting feelings, I still decently enjoy the film.

Tim S (mx) wrote: Fantastic mockumentary.

King Rock (br) wrote: see it it is a good one

Ken S (ca) wrote: Competently made, but it lacks an ingredient the original has in spades. Fun (and John Sayles). It also has a HORRIBLE Casio Synth score. *shudder*

Grant S (jp) wrote: Superb, accurate depiction of the attack that brought the US and Japan into WW2."7 December, 1941, a day that will live in infamy"... This movie tells the story of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, the attack that made WW2 a truly global war, and changed the tide of the war for Britain and its allies. We don't just see the attack itself but also ongoing diplomatic efforts of Japan and the US before the attack, the planning and preparation by the Japanese, the attempts by the US to forespell such an attack, the blunders by the US in warning their forces in Hawaii, the ill-preparedness of the local forces and the blunders in communication on the day. And, of course, we see the attack itself.Thus, a very complete account of what lead to the attack, and the attack itself.Incredibly well made, especially for its time. No CGI, so the producers had to use actual ships and planes or, at least, very realistic mock-ups thereof. The scale of the action scenes is immense and the scenes very realistic.Historically accurate too in terms of the events that took place behind the scenes.Quite balanced too - certainly not the usual one-sided good versus evil, but one nation versus another. One of the greatest war movies ever made.

Wayne K (jp) wrote: With an unprofessional cast, a paltry budget, few locations and a first-time Writer/Director, Clerks was a sleeper hit back in the mid-90s, and is still largely enjoyed today. It has its fair share of funny jokes, thoughtful conversations and strong believability in the interactions between its characters, particularly its leads. Its cheapness is almost always evident, what with over 50% of it taking place in the exact same frame, and the shop customers only ever ordering 'cigarettes', never stating an actual brand name. It doesn't need to be an hour and 40 minutes long, and the dialogue is frequently rambling and nowhere near as funny as Kevin Smith thinks it is. But what it has to say about movies, relationships and the grind of a mundane job is still hilarious, and presented in a believable manner. There's movies that are funnier, better made and more competently acted, but for making do with what you have, Clerks succeeds admirably.

Ray B (mx) wrote: Nice piece of scenario with an amazing Denis Hooper and a nice chilling music... It's a very classical ending but it was alright.