A young woman struggles to move on with her life after the death of her husband, an acclaimed folk singer, when a brash New York writer forces her to confront her loss and the ambiguous circumstances of his death.

Hannah (Hall) is beginning to move on with her life after the death of her husband, an acclaimed musician and the subject of her latest biography, when she meets Andrew (Sudeikis), a brash writer from New York, who has a different take on her husband's life - and death. The unlikely pair must collaborate to put together the famous singer's story and begin to write the next chapter of their lives. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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q o (jp) wrote: The good: very well filmed especially the final part with the what-if storyline, fun choreography and entertaining musical numbers, references to classic Hollywood, Emma Stone's actingThe bad: tired premise (Hollywood dreams, again), mansplaining, contrived and unconvincing depiction of jazz with respect to "pure" jazz vs "selling out", would have loved to see Emma Stone's character more fleshed out like Gosling's

Brian R (kr) wrote: Just watched a good movie

Debbi S (gb) wrote: I loved this movie. The story is engaging and largely true, which makes it even better. Matt Damon does make the movie, but I found it really good on all points.

Cody C (es) wrote: Feel good movie of ever. I want to climb into the screen

Harsh C (jp) wrote: Brutal domestic violence melodrama lacking depth

Sean S (br) wrote: This movie came out in 1991, not 1972...

Chris (it) wrote: Lower-budget Mad Max ripoff. Michael Ironside is pretty bad-ass in it though and it's got a couple weird scenes that make it worthwhile.

Lauri L (kr) wrote: Jlleen yksi loistoraina, jossa vahva kssri. Mys Annette Beningin parhaita roolisuorituksia. Ja tm on se parempi versio tarinasta.

James H (nl) wrote: The cover of the movie and the name will throw you off into thinking it's some sort of vampire B-movie. And mister, it ain't no vampire movie. Instead we get some sort of sexploitation and the degrading of women for some sort of theator attraction. It's probably a cult classic among some but it won't be on my list.

Adam F (ag) wrote: "My Super Ex-Girlfriend" is a perfect example of a good concept completely squandered. With so many years of Superhero comic books and films you would think that there would be ample material for making a movie about a guy who ends up dating a super heroine only to break up with her and live to regret it but so much of this movie is just material that applies to all of your typical romantic comedies instead of fresh new ideas. The plot follows Matt (Luke Wilson) who begins dating a shy stranger after her helps her get her purse back from a thief. Jenny Johnson (Uma Thurman) seems nice at first but quickly makes it obvious that she's way too clingy, emotionally unstable and even dangerous physically when she... breaks his bed when they have sex. Despite the fact that Jenny has revealed her superhero identity of G-Girl to Matt, he dumps her. Matt begins flirting with his co-worker Hannah (Anna Faris), which drives G-Girl incredibly jealous so she proceeds to use her superpowers to torment him and get revenge. That's when Professor Bedlam (Eddie Izzard) comes in and offers to help Matt out. But can he trust a super villain to do a good deed, or does Professor bedlam have a secret agenda?To begin, the character of the super ex-girlfriend G-Girl is never really that interesting. We never find out what her name means, what her origin as a superhero is or what "superhero stuff" she does. It's true that we get a couple of glimpses of her doing the usual crime fighting stuff like pushing people out of traffic, putting out fires and stopping runaway missiles, but we don't know what she does otherwise. Is she a local celebrity? a person that's beloved worldwide? We're told that she has an arch nemesis in the form of Professor Bedlam but we never see the two interact until the end of the movie and aside from wanting G-Girl to lose her powers he never really does anything super-villainous. In fact, as it becomes clear that G Girl is totally mentally unstable, you start cheering for the "villain" because someone that's this crazy definitely should not be able to toss trucks around. G-Girl's powers are vaguely established (we get invulnerability, super strength, super breath, flight and super speed but we have to pieces those together throughout the movie) and seem to be introduced whenever they're convenient for the plot too, which feels more like an excuse to pull whatever plot point they need out of nowhere than a real character.So what about the other main character? Luke Wilson as Matt doesn't really have much personality. He's just kind of the nice guy that isn't too bright but wants to have a nice relationship until the girl he ends up dating turns out to be crazy. In fact, the character seems downright idiotic at times. At one point in the film he misses a call from the only other attractive woman he's spoken to in the entire film (I wonder if the previously unavailable hottie with the boyfriend and the obvious chemistry with him will suddenly become single partway through the movie?) and she tells him that she needs help. So what does he do? Well, instead of calling her back, he runs to her place to see what's going on. Sounds like a contrived plot point to me. This guy is totally in over-his-head when the crazy girl he's dating turns out to be a crazy super-powered harpy but when you're watching the film you feel like screaming at the screen to give him advice on how to deal with the situation because he consistently acts like a fool. I know if I was being repeatedly tormented and assaulted by a superhero, I'd try to get back at them. Try blackmailing her with the information about her secret identity, or make a sex-tape and threaten to release it to the media or something. It's not like your situation could get any worse and it certainly won't get any better with you just standing around like a dummy as she flies around destroying your life.The side characters are usually one-joke or totally under developed. Bedlam never does anything that makes you feel like he's a genuine threat, Wanda Sykes is a boss who's determined to prove that Matt is sexually harassing his co-workers and Anna Faris plays the obvious love interest. The one shinning light is Rain Wilson who plays a character that's cartoonish in his obsession with sex but has all of the good jokes and the best lines.A big problem with the movie is that it doesn't seem to have any consistent internal logic. When Jenny Johnson uses her super-breath to slow down a taxi, the way the effect is shown on screen just raises a whole bunch of questions. Wouldn't you be able to tell when a tornado is coming out of your date's mouth? Wouldn't there be dust and all kinds of stuff flying everywhere and tons of things stuck in her teeth (that would have been a funny joke by the way). Ok fine, you might be able to say that this is a comedy, and that's a simple oversight, but how about the scene where G-Girl burns "DICK" in Matt's forehead? How did she do that? Yes, we know she used her laser vision, but how come the wording is all nicely written? Wouldn't it be all messed up as Matt squirmed in pain while she was burning his skull? Once again, I realize this is a comedy, but it feels like it was quickly written and not very well thought out.Aside the logic and characters, the movie just screams "cheap" and feels like it was toned down from an R-rating to a PG-13. There are four sex scenes in the movie, none of which feel sexy and all of which happen when the characters are fully dressed. Matt gets his car vandalized with "YOU" on one side and "SUCK" written on the other. Why, that's only a few characters away from "F*CK YOU", words that are also edited out of a song that plays during the movie (Puddle of Mudd's "She Hates Me"). Why all the censorship? Just make a raunchy R-Rated comedy, that would have done an even better job of satirizing the superhero movies this film is trying to make fun of. As a superhero film, this has a remarkably low amount of big splashy super heroic scenes. The climactic fight between G-Girl and her new, toughest opponent consists mostly of spinning and slamming on the ground (and bumping into cars without smashing them). It isn't exciting at all. There are quite a good amount of laughs throughout the movie, but there is so much potential in this idea that the movie feels like a huge letdown. Even the end credits, which are decorated with some animated scenes that look extremely quickly done in an attempt to squeeze in some last-minute laughs from the audience, feel rushed and cheap. When it comes down to it, "My Super Ex-Girlfriend" doesn't work as a superhero movie or as a romantic movie so only about one out of every three scenes, work (that would be the comedic scenes). (On Dvd, April 4, 2013)

Nicol M (de) wrote: It is really well realized and , expecially for the visual effects and the photography but the story is not nothing extraordinary.

Kieran A (ca) wrote: The final movie of the middle earth saga is emotional, great action, beautiful effects, 4 outta 5

Sue S (nl) wrote: Some intense fighting but what was better was the story.