• Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2011
  • Language:Filipino,Tagalog
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:ghost,   evil,   demon,  

Tumbokis a 2011 Filipino Horror Film starring Cristine Reyes and Carlo Aquino produced by Viva Films. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Tumbok torrent reviews

Dany L (ru) wrote: As there is little dialogue my review will be the same.

Ziv E (ru) wrote: I'm rather confused if i hate SPA more than Animat, Or if Animat hates SPA more than me.On one hand, I have never seen a SPA film that i thought was good unlike Animat.On the other hand, the amount of SPA films that I thought weren't bad is higher than the amount of films he thought weren't bad(It's a 2 to 1, if you wanna know.)But this is still a poorly made, mediocrely animated(I know "mediocrely" isn't a real world, shut up!) overly-cartoony movie.Story:2|10Animation:5|10Characters:3|10Overall: 3.1|10.

Mark R (ca) wrote: Boo Boo Stewart did a great job starring in this film. Clips of this movie are used in 666: The Beast with no credit to the actors in this movie. In the sequel the grown up Anti-Christ ends up with light hair, blue eyes, and a receding hairline. You think if he was the Anti-Christ he'd at least join the Hair Club for Men.

Darryl S (ru) wrote: Without doubt this is only for the auteur's most ardent admirers; I'm an ardent admirer. :D Strange, and surreal, and otherworldly, and trippy, and leisurely-paced, and best viewed while stoned (so I'm told).... ;)

Darrly C (kr) wrote: sweet must have for real

Daniel A (es) wrote: sometimes the promise of a better life or the chance to get some more money to help the beloved ones left behind at home, is enough to embark on a journey that can take several years, or even forever, by never coming back. this is a veridic story about a group of chinese illegal immigrants, and their struggle for their own survival, and, consequently, their families at home, in a foreign, hostile country.

Sarah D (ru) wrote: Don't know how I'd not seen this before. Feels like a spiritual successor to Beetlejuice. Holds up well over time.

Guillaume H (gb) wrote: This is SO stupid and at the same time its a must see. it veers between poetic and slapstick, and sometimes makes the most of what it least, managing to be philosophical while aiming for the absurd.

David B (ag) wrote: Suprise hit in '65. Good script, acting, and pacey direction make for success.The duo of the great Nat King Cole, and the great Stubby Kaye as wanderingminstrels tie it all together.

Kevin M (us) wrote: ever so often, a movie comes along and lifts your spirits high. this is one of those rare films. near perfect in every way. who can forget Bing's "Swinging on a Star" routine. highly recommended!!

John W (es) wrote: The Asylum brings us Jurassic Park without the excitement or wonder... Ok, seriously, The Asylum is known for SyFy type films, blockbuster knockoffs, and low budget horror but they are often still good, silly fun. Age of Dinosaurs isn't their best, but not their worst either and remember, they did give us Sharknado!

Aliekha T (ca) wrote: This chick-flick doesn't even feel like one. Predictable, hasty and there's no chemistry in the film. Such a shame Firth is in it.

Samantha R (fr) wrote: Was ok but very slow moving

Martn B (fr) wrote: Even though it gets a bit messy in some scenes, the movie caughts your attention with it's solid cast and intelligent plot