Tumhare Bina

Tumhare Bina

A Film Producer goes into hiding after abducting his child.

A Film Producer goes into hiding after abducting his child. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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the blue g (br) wrote: kids really liked it. i thought it was like power rangers kinda hokey. ranked it 4 stars for kids i would probably go 2 maybe.

Pancho P (nl) wrote: Loved how chill it was, very entertaining. And the baby's performance was just as amazing as all the others.

Perrine B (fr) wrote: le scenario ne va pa chercher loin, on est prevenu des le debut, pas de surprise de ce cote. 2 skateurs deviennent accidentellement temoins d'un reglement de compte entre bad guys, ils se font pincer et pourchasser dans tout Paris pdt un bon moment. l'essentiel du film repose sur cette chasse aux gamins, comment et par ou ca se passe. Ce cote est bien fait, on peut admirer qqs prouesses skateboardiennes :) au passage, et le rythme est bien entretenu. Divertissement agreable pour soiree sans tracas.

Private U (fr) wrote: How can you review something like this? I only saw the 'coda' bit in the museum, and while I didn't exactly 'like it' it did make me want to watch the rest of the series.

Tony B (us) wrote: Wonderful and poetic.

Mary H (br) wrote: Harlow's portrayal as a heartless gold-digger was right on par, but her character made me hate the movie. I can't completely discredit the film, but the characters made it very difficult.

Danny M (ru) wrote: Started off really funny. Then just went stale. Was alright though

Eddie M (gb) wrote: I've always enjoyed this movie..."batty, batty, batty.." Freakin Halarious. Robert Townsend found the Wayan brothers.

Jude P (br) wrote: Inside out of all American Italiano.