Tuneega Tuneega

Tuneega Tuneega

Rama Swamy (Prabhu) and Ravindra Babu (Nagababu) are childhood friends who stay together. Their kids Karthik (Sumanth) and Nidhi (Rhea) are of the same age but they hate each other and torment each other by playing pranks. After a while, Nidhi is sent abroad for her further studies. After a gap of 12 years, Nidhi comes back and meets Karthik at a family function. It’s love at first sight for Karthik, but he hides his identity. Slowly Nidhi comes to know the truth, and in the process, falls for Karthik’s charms. Just when everything seems rosy, Nidhi’s family wants her to marry someone else. The rest of the story is about how Karthik solves all the issues and wins his love.

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Shawn H (br) wrote: apple don't fall far... But not for mamsy pamsy types who dont know what a brodie or a J-turn are...

Tom H (mx) wrote: ok movie, but its to weak a plot for a movie. i mean, you could watch a episode of nypd blue and be more satisfied.

Ian H (de) wrote: This is a perfect movie to watch with your teen daughters! Although adult manipulation/deception is far more implicit, the "nemesis", in this movie portray the hierarchical branchings of it's brood. The best part of this movie is how the main character decides to stick with it, face her nemesis, own her self image, and put this under her.

Hal M (de) wrote: This is a perversion of the original Waugh novel, which I DID read, and which did NOT have this homosexual theme. The person(s) who put up the "movie info" section here on RT should be fired or at least cautioned for failing to warn would-be viewers of this gay "take" the producers have wrongly chosen here.

Kay L (nl) wrote: Not horrible for a sequel. Mostly that means I am glad it wasn't exactly like the first.

Rohit V (de) wrote: Kamal Hassan is a genius. This movie is proof. Watch this to see a genius in action.

Jeff B (au) wrote: Shue was just not believable in her role. Try "Awakenings" for a much better portrayal of a similar story.

Babette H (it) wrote: I interned with Erika Anderson's current manager. In five months, she got one call for a Levitra ad. This is why.

David W (ca) wrote: Fun in a campy sort of way, but still not that worth while. Fortunately it was free on Hulu.

Ray D (es) wrote: you really must be a John Waters' fan to enjoy this bizarre commentary

Indira S (gb) wrote: just love to see Clark Gable and Claudette Colbert reunited on screen again :)

Amanda P (gb) wrote: I love it but it won't load

Victor M (kr) wrote: Directed by the legendary John Frankenheimer, this film has many of the ingredients for a good action film two great rough actors, De Niro and Reno, and some vertiginous scenes of car's persecution in the narrows streets of Nice and Paris.

Amanda M (es) wrote: I almost didn't realize this was the Pixar short. The alien should have left the poor man alone.