Tunes of Glory

Tunes of Glory

Major Jock Sinclair has been in this Highland regiment since he joined as a boy piper. During the Second World War, as Second-in-Command, he was made acting Commanding Officer. Now the regiment has returned to Scotland, and a new commanding officer is to be appointed. Jock's own cleverness is pitted against his new CO, his daughter, his girlfriend, and the other officers in the Mess.

Major Jock Sinclair has been in this Highland regiment since he joined as a boy piper. During the Second World War, as Second-in-Command, he was made acting Commanding Officer. Now the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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David H (ca) wrote: It is a great movie.

Jordon J (au) wrote: A bittersweet portrait of two people, who, in the process of helping their children choose a college, confront the emptiness of their respective marriages. I say RENT IT!!!

Scott J (au) wrote: first off i love pearl jam and this was very informative that being said unlike other documentaries theres no reason to re watch it also it seems to go off on random tangents that dont seem relevant or interesting at all

bob j (us) wrote: not much better than your average family movie

Rachit M (gb) wrote: Its a full length office-office, very well directed with good acting. Over all a nice movie to watch.

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Jason J (nl) wrote: This movie tells the story of two girls as they struggle their way into the world of love and sex. This story is told at a slow pace and that works very well. It gives plenty of time and space to get to know the different characters and to grow somewhat attached to them.Using a small cast puts some extra pressure on the people playing as they all have some more screen time than normal but the people playing in this film handle that well. Everyone is completely believable. Visual setting is great, especially the underwater shots in the swimming pool add a nice effect.Many movies have been made about the same subject though and this one does not really stand out above any of them. It pulls some "standard" pressure methods out of the high hat and works on them. It isn't bad, not at all, but it surely isn't fantastic either and I do feel it could have done better if it had taken some what less explored angles. It's still an interesting movie to watch though and well worth checking out.

Evan K (fr) wrote: Again Bruce Campbell Is The Only Reason To See It And He Makes The Movie.

Jay T (nl) wrote: sadly, this is one of my favorite Christmas movies. Billy Bob is just a perfect scumbag.

Felicity Y (mx) wrote: Love this kind of movie for no reason

Jammie S (kr) wrote: The music gave it higher ratings. I miss 80s music.

Sara T (de) wrote: I loved it as a child!..:)

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Jennifer W (fr) wrote: John Wayne always can rely on one of his films to be good