Tuning In

Tuning In

Tuning In is a unique feature-length documentary about the phenomenon of spirit channeling. Channeling is a practice dating back to antiquity wherein an individual, usually in a trance state, makes a psychic connection with a nonphysical being. The individual making the connection, known as the channeler, is then able to act as a dimensional go-between in bringing other humans in contact with the entity, as well as interpreting messages from the entity.

A feature-length documentary exploring, for the very first time and in a very down-to-earth fashion, the phenomenon of channeling. Popularized by the late Edgar Cayce, this ancient and ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Tuning In torrent reviews

Vignesh V (gb) wrote: i'm proud that am a thamizhan after watching this movie..

Kelli X (it) wrote: Great documentary that didn't even require narration to be astounding. Impacting images.

Carlos M (au) wrote: The narrative feels a bit long and could have certainly been shorter, but Crowe carries out this well-written, superbly-edited romance/character study with a lot of honesty and talent, relying on fantastic performances by Tom Cruise, Cuba Gooding Jr. and Rene Zellweger.

Chris B (nl) wrote: No real plot to speak of, but very quirky and Robin Williams is great as always! Also, a random appearance by Jamie Foxx!

Dustin D (jp) wrote: Patriot Games is a suspenseful thriller, but Harrison Ford wasn't quite as good in the role as Alec Baldwin.

Tim S (kr) wrote: I'm sure Something Wicked This Way Comes would have worked on me had I seen it at the proper age, but unfortunately I didn't. The film isn't altogether a mess. It's directed by Jack Clayton, has a score from James Horner, and features both Pam Grier and Jonathan Pryce in leading roles. What's not to love? Well it has a couple of annoying child actors in it for starters. Second, the meat of the story doesn't kick in until toward the end of the second act. It definitely gets dark, but not quite as wicked as its title promises. It feels more family-friendly than anything, and I think that's its major weakness. It has plenty going for it, but not enough for something really memorable or captivating. Worth a rent, but not much else I'm afraid.