The tale of an ordinary garden snail who dreams of winning the Indy 500.

Garden snail Turbo dreams of becoming the fastest snail in the world and a freak accident might just help him win the world's fastest race, the Indianapolis 500. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dinesh P (mx) wrote: Tries to be Indian American Pie. But fails due to lack of story and believable screenplay. some Jokes are too Good. But movie fails overall. Songs are big let down.

Thomas W (au) wrote: Criminally bad. Dominic Purcell ('Prison Break') stars as resurrected Viking king, Eirick, who has been tasked with collecting three ancient artifacts from various Norse gods before a Blood Eclipse occurs which would allow these gods to rule over the earth and conquer all of mankind if the task isn't completed. The budget was oddly spent on a few scenes with some decent special effects while 98% of the film went without. The make-up, costumes and wigs here are atrocious -- Thor's red hair looks like a candy apple red synthetic wig from Halloween while Frey's yellow costume is a tortured mess that looks as it was sewn as an arts and craft project in preschool. And Thor's hammer? Uh ... no, it's the size of a Fiat. I couldn't believe what I was seeing here -- people spent money on this?! It dares to spin a different tale of Thor and some of his fellow friends; but yikes ... whoa! Seriously, people ... this got the green light?

Paul D (ag) wrote: That was the worst T.V. movie I have ever scene that was based off a cartoon, it was terrible and over half the movie is focus on Shaggy along with dumb humor and horrible music videos.

Don S (ru) wrote: This is somnolent. So generic and dull. Low level horror - mostly if you consider disfigurement due to burns to be scary. Doesn't really work well as a suspense either. Acting is poor, effects are fair but few and far between. Story is cliche. No big names to draw you in. Can't imagine what I was thinking when I added this to my queue.

Hardy H (it) wrote: it's a decent film, but it's just not my type of movie- and too depressing for my liking. nonetheless, i am surprised by the low user rating of this film - you would think the people knowingly pick movies of this nature will like it. i have no idea if this is realistic or not, but i guess i am already negative enough about our world to watch this film.

Tyson S (it) wrote: some very good scenes, strangely haunting drama

Anthony V (ag) wrote: With this cast, the film should have been so much better than it is. It's a pleasant enough ride, that ultimately goes nowhere.

Robert H (br) wrote: Combs and Gordon team up (how many times have they worked together???) to produce a very decent film. Acting is well above standard Full Moon fare and the story isn't all that bad either. The atmosphere created in the film was quite surprising. The lighting and set decorating weren't top of the line but they still managed to pull off a good looking movie. Full Moon has had a good sense of location. Finding old castles, buildings, forests etc. that just seem to fit perfectly with the story they're trying to tell. It's one of the things that sets them apart from the rest of the low budget filmmakers. Castle Freak is no exception. The buildings found for this production are absolutely amazing! And even though they tend to use the same areas over and over, it fits with the film and thus doesn't seem like a cost cutting move (which it often is).

Olivier L (fr) wrote: People must see movies outside the blockbusters. This is arguably the best movie from Kusturica (though there is so many good movies from him)! No spoilers, though I was literally crying all my way back home (and it was far), and I'm still wetting my eyes just writing these lines.

Artist Larry Jason E (nl) wrote: Surprisingly goodmand witty. Also surprisingly not dated.

Tim S (ru) wrote: I can't say that I have much bad OR good to say about Humanoids From the Deep. If you want to look at it with critical eyes in the cold light of day then it's a pretty forgetful affair. However, if you're a B movie fan, in particular a fan of rubber suit monsters, then the movie will probably be for you. I actually like the look of the monsters and how disgusting their faces are. I also like it that they're mainly out to rape human females and reproduce. I also also like Vic Morrow being such an overt bad guy. The movie has a lot going for it, but it fails to really reach the epicness of bad charm like a lot of other Corman productions. If I had to sum it up in three films, I'd pick Jaws, The Creature From the Black Lagoon and Alien (even though Corman basically ripped off Alien more overtly with Galaxy of Terror a year later). The plot isn't complex, the acting is terrible, the story is questionable... well, most things are questionable. It's not great, but it's good for at least one late night watch.

Chloe A (us) wrote: 3 1/2 stars! I enjoyed this film a lot actually, Jessica Alba is super cute in it and there are quite a few laugh out loud moments!