Turbulence 3: Heavy Metal

Turbulence 3: Heavy Metal

Terrorists hijack an airplane that is broadcasting a rock concert live on the Internet.

Terrorists hijack an airplane that is broadcasting a rock concert live on the Internet. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Turbulence 3: Heavy Metal torrent reviews

Erika V (gb) wrote: Lindo. Excesso de violinos, mas lindo.

Pia K (de) wrote: Tss leffassa oli sit jotain... (y) <3

Dan D (es) wrote: One of the best Bonds of all time.

Bill M (gb) wrote: pretty good for a rainy day. not a must see, but not bad. gambling parts were fun, held my interest.

Chris D (br) wrote: I wished it was called '10 Minutes or Less' because this was the stalest 81 minutes I've ever spent...Morgan Freeman should get a price check on his career and stick to voiceover's unless the film's director credits read Eastwood or Darabont, this material is far too banal for his talent.

Tommy K (nl) wrote: The shaky cam may distract some viewers, but the characters, the dark tone, most of the performances, and the well-developed backstory of the titular character make this film a tremendous start to the greatest superhero film trilogy of all-time.

Derek D (mx) wrote: This mockumentary gets my vote for 'Best in Show'. Watch it yesterday.

Brian P (fr) wrote: Pretty bad, pretty terrible, pretty horrible. Do I need to say anymore then that?

JJ J (jp) wrote: One of my favorite good versus evil movies.

Steve M (it) wrote: Ring of Terror Starring: George E. Mather, Esther Furst, Norman Ollsted, Lomax Study, and Austin Green Director: Clark L. Paylow A dippy graveyard caretaker (Green) relates a deadly dull tale of a medical student (Mather) who experiences the ultimate terror... and offers the viewers the experience of ultimate boredom. I used to think the 0-rating would be reserved for films that were boring as well as incoherent. I was wrong. "Ring of Terror" has NOTHING to recommend it. From its cast of "college students" (who are being played by actors in their late 30s or early 40s, yet who are talking and acting as though they are in the late teens or early 20s, and thus making the viewer feel deeply embarrassed on their behalf... the lover's lane make-out scene is particuarly painful) to the utter lack of talent shown by anyone in the film's cast or crew, there is simply nothing good here. It's as if a group of actors whose career pinnacle had been roles in those lame public health/educational films from the 50s wrote a script outline on a napkin from the strip-club they were working at, rented a camera, and ad-libbed an atrocity of movie-making. I've seen better acting at the first rehearsals for high school plays, and I've written better stories on a moment's notice. Don't waste your time with this one.

Joo P (gb) wrote: Gone With The Wind is powerful masterpiece with ambitious scale of an incredible production, amazing cinematography and fantastic performances delivered by the all cast. (5/5)

Evans S (it) wrote: Good. Hated the ending.

Jamie C (ag) wrote: Good film, Sort of different I suppose, Again it started off funny but switches from comedy to romance and that's when I lose interest.

John C (ca) wrote: One hell of a terrifying ghoulish good time. A very original script filled with supernatural overtones. A great cast especially Guy Pearce, Neal McDonough, Jeffrey Jones and a terrifying Robert Carlyle who dominates the film. Definetly gory and not for the faint of heart. Very well done. A must se for horror fans.I just love how it ends as well. Though guy Pearce was good as river Carlyle counter opposite.

Tim R (gb) wrote: What an unpleasant experience

Balaji A (it) wrote: I've-seen-this-umpteen-times-already feel.. Just want to kill time, sure go for it, but no expectations, none, period.

Raphael G (fr) wrote: must watch it again. good as far as i remember.

Allan C (es) wrote: I love Robert Benton films, but this is one of his weaker films. It's a clear homage to the films of Hitchcock, with Meryl Streep taking on the Grace Kelly icy blond role. It's not a bad film, but it's rather lifeless, has a lot of plot holes, and is not all that suspenseful. Watch a Brian DePalma film like "Dressed to Kill" or "Obsession" for better, more original and more suspenseful Hitchcock homages.