This is the story of four French friends: the Greek (an osteopath), Fifi (who lives with his mother), Fortuné (a West Indian) and Freddy (a gambler). They meet up regularly at a Parisian bookmakers’, their favourite haunt. Tired of frittering away the little spare cash they have, they agree to give up gambling. But no sooner have they taken this pledge than Fate intervenes, in the guise of the turf king, Monsieur Paul. The latter persuades the four friends to buy a champion racehorse, not knowing that it is in fact an old nag…

C'est l'histoire de quatre potes, quatre petits Français : le Grec (l'ostéopathe), Fifi (qui vit chez sa mère... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Turf torrent reviews

Ron L (gb) wrote: Long and painfully dull (155 minutes).

Alberto C (ru) wrote: La triste realidad acerca de todos los infortunios que las personas sudamericanas tienen que sufrir para intentar pasar al "otro lado".

Steve P (de) wrote: The sort of thing you might watch on TV early on a Sunday evening when expectations are low. Overacted with poor emotional arc and flat narrative. The ending is spectacular in its way but highlights the inadequacies of the rest. Perhaps the actors, some of whom are quite well known in Australia, needed the money but don't deserve whatever they were paid.

Rajat P (ca) wrote: Great movie! Nice performances!

Dan M (jp) wrote: Pretty bad as expected, but not the worst comedy I have seen. He did manage to get in Micheal Vick and Micheal Jackson jokes.

Cathleen D (it) wrote: Don't let the cover full you. There's no sex in this movie and the guys are okay looking. I think I'll just buy some gay pornos from now on.

Daniel J (au) wrote: Synchronized swimming with peppy music.

Andy C (br) wrote: not seen it since i was a kid, but love this movie and need a copy!

Alexander S (nl) wrote: No way near as good as the first

Walter M (kr) wrote: In "Death in the Garden," the military of a South American country is ordered to nationalize the diamond mines and has given a day for everyone to clear out. In response, they go to talk to Captain Ferrero(Jorge Martinez de Hoyos) who surprisingly agrees to a meeting but only on the condition that they leave their guns outside. This they will not do and a small gunfight erupts, with the miners fleeing in the wake of superior firepower. After the smoke clears, Chark(Georges Marchal) gives the soldiers a one finger salute. He treats Djin(Simone Signoret) better before she rats him out to the local authorities. With his film "Death in the Garden," Luis Bunuel makes a logical case for the randomness of the universe and against a higher power while also ironically making use of a deus ex machina. How else do you explain a priest(Michel Piccoli) on a fool's errand who is better dressed than anyone else? The military might be in their rights to kick out the foreigners who only seek to exploit the mineral wealth of their country but they are horribly brutal in their methods. The disparate group of characters at the heart of the movie, as more than one character points out, is all in the same boat, literally and figuratively, no matter their respective sins.

David H (it) wrote: A grandious Film Noir / Melodrama with the great Couple Robert Mitchum and Jean Simmons i knew a Girl who is and looks exactly like Jean Simmons Femme Fatales are the best the Car Scenes were superb