A group of young backpackers' vacation turns sour when a bus accident leaves them marooned in a remote Brazilian rural area that holds an ominous secret.

Travelers are in the midst of enjoying a dream vacation along the Brazilian coast. But their vacation turns sour when a bus accident leaves them marooned in a remote Brazilian rural area that holds an ominous secret. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Barry T (gb) wrote: An odd film with a good cast. Lynsky is always great as is Kendrick and nice to see Dunham in a small role. Its a bit talky and indie and there is nothing else to say really. Its about a mans sister who comes to visit for xmas and shows the mother of the house whats she has been missing since having a baby

Shaun L (nl) wrote: Matsuda Shota does a perfect job embodying the very pathetic Tanaka. The subtle sounds and gestures he makes are spot on. No matter how many times you watch it, the expressions and jokes will make you laugh. Tanaka's inner monologues in the movie are also very spot on. Although the climax of the movie takes a very serious turn, this movie is a nearly perfect comedy.

Jon H (it) wrote: This could possibly be the worst movie I have ever seen. It reminds me of the kind of video masturbation a first year film student might "produce". Ben Affleck must have rushed to the bank to deposit his check knowing what a stinker he was involved in. It is almost as if the script was lost on the first day of shooting and they decided to go ahead and make a movie anyway. For the first time in my life I actually think I am owed a refund for wasting my time on this abomination. Don't waste your time or money.

Tom M (de) wrote: Absolutely gorgeous to look at, and story that can grasp the attention of both kids and adults.

Gabriel R (ag) wrote: Saw this on a shelf at Hollywood Video in Jackson, Mississippi. Slick glossy cover, quality packaging, clever notes and reviews including "better than Alien v. Predator" make this movie an excellent movie to hold in your hands.

Spencer S (fr) wrote: This is simply an amazing film about the problems facing women in more conservative religions in diverse societies, and their ability to find friendship and love even in the conditions of their culture. This film really serves to educate those who question these cultures, and shows that women have clear choices in their lives. The characters are indelible, free spirited, and feisty, while also retaining their religious inclinations, and that so rarely gets clearly depicted in films nowadays. Though the friendship forged between Hasidic Jew Rochel (Lister-Jones) and Muslim Nasira (Benhamou) may not seem contemporary, even in the world we currently live in, it's a very sweet story that shows that we're all simply people, and that love is not conditional. I highly recommend this for those who want to learn about certain religious groups, or just watch a film that centers on women and their relationships.

Matthew J (nl) wrote: It isn't intelligent, there is no message what so ever, but my word is it hilarious.

Rakeem M (it) wrote: I saw this film for the first time in 2003, I wanted to see it because I like Keira Knightley. I ended up loving it because of Molly Parker. Her performance is nothing short of brilliant and she surely deserves more recognition and roles worthy of her talent.

Andr D (nl) wrote: Julian Schabel, el pintor convertido en director que nos impresion con la magnfica "Basquiat", ahora nos vuelve a sorprender con la biografa del escritor cubano Reinaldo Arenas. La fotografa evocadora y la puesta en escena contundente sirve de lienzo para la impresionante actuacin de Javier Bardem, quien logra proyectar la sexualidad, la sensibilidad y la humanidad del escritor con una visceralidad que solo lo logran los grandes actores. "Before Night Falls" es un triunfo potico.

Khurram A (kr) wrote: This movie had avery good story, Xcellent comedy, an adventure trip and also a great love story combined in one single film...

Tom H (au) wrote: funny boxing film with a touch of serious. Harrelson is great as always.

Karin B (au) wrote: An oldie but a goodie ('88) ... not well rated online, but I really enjoyed it, directed by Gary SInise starring Richard Gere & Kevin Anderson with Penelope Ann Miller, Helen Hunt, John Malkovich, Laurie Metcalfe, Brian Dennehy ....

Francis M (fr) wrote: Subtle and well observed comedy, an early hit by Forman. Some may miss the humor, in timing and farcical situations. Suprisingly unkown film by a superb director. High notes - Dr - Milos Forman Ac - Buck Henry, Lynn Carlin, Audra Lindley. Script. PS. You will see a first appearance by a 13 year old Kathy Bates as a singer, listed as Bobo Bates.

Gilberte O (de) wrote: Fave line: "Everything thrives in the tropics, especially gossip"

Ernest S (es) wrote: Chafing under the constriants of having to make shorter films while European filmmakers were making increasingly ambitious multi-reel epics, Griffith decided to leave Biograph. His parting shot, at more than twice the length of any of his previous films, was Judith of Bethulia, which was intended to compete with the Italian "sword and sandal" spectacles that were flowing into the American market. Yet the performances of stars Blanche Sweet and Henry B. Walthall lend a human element to his sprawling canvas.