Türkler cildirmis olmali

Türkler cildirmis olmali

A rich Turkish family is captured by Somali pirates. Turkish government sends a team of cons to rescue them.

A rich Turkish family is captured by Somali pirates. Turkish government sends a team of cons to rescue them. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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James F (fr) wrote: A film which intrigues to the end. Wiesler is a cold, calculating interrogation machine who gradually develops into a human being with some grasp of emotion. Mhe plays the role well and helps to capture the essence of humanity behind the behind the unsurmountable, steely wall of the government of the GDP which this film captures so brilliantly.

Pablo G (kr) wrote: 3.2/5Somewhat empty in its artistic merit and with a story thats convoluted and unsatisfactory, Trouble Every Day is one of those films with plenty of potential and great moments but barely going beyond a "meh".

Kevin M W (ca) wrote: Some dilapidated castle in Ireland seeks to renovate its image but selling to thrill-seeking Yankees the possibility that it may be a haunted castle. There's lots here that's good, Jordan most at home with the particularly Irish elements of the tale (O'Toole is great as the hapless castle owner) but there's one thing that's bad: Steve Guttenberg, and not because of Guttenberg himself. No. Its his part, his lines. Its as if the character was written for another movie, with no part in this one. The rest was okay stuff.

G S (de) wrote: Aesthetically amazing. The cinematography makes it interesting to watch and the performances of Ali and Emma are perfect. The film is devoid of any contrived or melodramatic emotion. It moves forward calmly. The ending is a little hard to absorb because it ends oddly, but that is in touch with the rest of the film. Fassbinder alienates and yet manipulates the viewer's emotion extremely well. Astonishing how much subtext is in the film, I was watching something and thinking about it at the same time throughout the entire film. Strange and raw film which comments on racism but in a very organic and effective manner.

Richard P (ru) wrote: One of Ed Wood's later movies. Stars one of the worst actors ever with Paul Marco as Kelton the Cop. He only got big parts in Ed Wood's movies because his father funded some of them. A little better than Bride of the Monster, but still pretty bad. But you expect that from Ed Wood movies

Josue R (au) wrote: I find it amazing how this movie crawled under my skin. With the good acting, amazing structure, and haunting score Adoration is a film worth keeping and watching multiple times. I still don't see why I like it so much and that alone makes it stand out.

Xpocalypse S (gb) wrote: Survival lessons: If you're trying to ditch an annoying kid with polio who idolizes you, tell him you'll come play catch on the 6th Tuesday of July. Admittedly, a chick with a hot dog fetish who walks around with ketchup and mustard bottles strapped to her thighs is kind of weird, sometimes you have to take what you can get. Crapping in a vase in front of people is never cool, bro. Not even in the apocalypse. Just don't do it.

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Luke L (jp) wrote: a movie that only cared about its special effects not its story that equals to a bull crap movie