Turn Off the Lights

Turn Off the Lights

After years behind bars, three young men begin to rediscover lives of aggression and excess in their raucous Roma community. Among them is Alex, a captivating figure with a disturbingly blasé attitude toward violence, women, and guilt. In this absorbing documentary, offering a rare peek into contemporary Roma culture, Alex and his fellow ex-cons reconcile the outside world with the gray-shaded areas of morality with which they all struggle.

After years behind bars, three young men begin to rediscover lives of aggression and excess in their raucous Roma community. Among them is Alex, a captivating figure with a disturbingly ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dave R (fr) wrote: Wow what a movie this was acting was super great oh wait not! what a dumb movie for sure but made me laugh a few times on how crappy it was

kashif m (es) wrote: overwhelming for all true gonzo followers. this is a fantastic documentary.

Nicki M (de) wrote: I really hate John Corbett and Kate Hudson together. Is it just me?? He seems way too old for her here and the whole man of God thing had a serious ick factor for me too. I think if they had have had a different character for the male romantic lead, and cast someone better suited to her, I may have liked this a little more. There was a not too bad story there otherwise, and some familiar faces in the cast of kids.

James R (it) wrote: True life story of Australian swimming champion Tony Fingleton. Desperate to escape his tortuous older brother and alcoholic father he escapes with swimming in the local pool. He finds it in himself to overcome all odds and become a champion. The movie really moves slow, and its boring at times. Worth watching but not one of the best sports dramas around.

Robert B (fr) wrote: A very intense urban movie set in the Watts neighborhood of L.A.

Daryl V (gb) wrote: The story was simple, but easy to believe. None of the acting was over the top, and the actors made this a believeable, sweet romantic and quite funny film. This movie was a pleasent suprise for me. When it began, and I saw the video/digital format I thought to myself "oh god, here we go". But I was quickly overjoyed with the storyline as well as the acting. All thumbs up!

Hubert G (fr) wrote: IT was an interesting concept but completely boring. I did like the ending though.

Eduardo T (it) wrote: This has a cult status? This film doesn't seem to me the kind that would have a fan base. Just look at how much ratings it has. There are a couple of things wrong here. To start off, the production value is poor. I felt like I was watching a good quality home video. The lighting is all wrong. The decision on time could have been better. By that I mean the transition of scenes on whether their morning or night. The good parts include the acting. Great acting by the main cast especially Anthony Perkins. I originally saw this because he was in Psycho. The plot itself is okay. Not a perfect plot but an entertaining one non the least. I advise you to give this a chance you might like it more then me.

Michael F (ru) wrote: It's amazing how well this movie taps into today's pop-culture fascination with the "celebrity-of-the-moment". Carole Lombard is luminous and it truly was a tragedy that she died just five years later.

Remi C (br) wrote: better than first candyman great sequel and awesome film a must see

Kaya H (nl) wrote: The last 20 minutes may be a little unnecessary, but it's not ruining the Movie

Marcus H (nl) wrote: After we've all forgotten about the mainstream formulaic super hero flicks; this cult classic will remain. Do yourself a favor watch "The Ultimate Cut: Watchmen - The Complete Story" released in 2016 remastered in 4K HDR with Dolby ATMOS with a run time of about 3hr:30mins. This ones not for kids; it's the genre at its best.

Frank A (ru) wrote: very interesting movie I love it